Friday, November 14, 2014

Week Four PS

so i have about 4 more minutes and thought id sent you one more thing. i sent this to kieren because i thought iwas pretty neat oh and the flowers were from hailey

"hey so I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday and listening to the prelude and all and for some reason it sounded really really familiar. Then it hit me. Elder Yoo was playing the hymns sure but with a little extra sprinkles on top, an chord that doesn't actually belong but still sounds good, arpeggiating this or that, all that good stuff im sure you know. But ya it sounded super familiar because it reminded me a lot of how you play the piano and really every instrument ever but that's all. miss ya and ill see you in a couple years. try not to get married until im back and keep up the awesome!"

It was super cool to hear kierenesque music. 
also if you ever feel an unquenchable desire to mail me something but just dont know what to send i always love everything. dirt sticks rocks a potato
but actually anything at all. pictures of stars or a bough off a pine tree. I doubt you'll be able to top what Elder Moreno got from his brother which includes a skateboard wheel, wood rimmed sunglasses, a crushed ping pong ball, snacks, a stuffed monkey, and cheap plastic bling.
love you
Elder Smith

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