Friday, November 7, 2014

Week One

So my P-day is monday which is nice. I get to start the week doing laundry and emailing and what not. Its busy here is the best way to describe it. The planned ship out date to Mexico so to speak is Nov. 24. So thatll come really quick. About an hour after being dropped off here I'm in class with my teacher Brother humble and we are speaking solely spanish. typing in english feels weird at this point. We are moving super fast and are already practicing teaching and talking to people in spanish. I'm continually amused with the sentences we put together to try and say soemthing. we will rearrange and entire sentence just to avoid a word we dont know yet but its still pretty fun. I've got five other people in my room so its crouded but we all get along really well. Our scheduled gym time is in the evening and generally we head out to the field and play volleyball or soccer. during which the sun is setting so thats really cool and i love it. also still wondering why the Missionary training center hasnt picked up on the whole mountains as temples sorta vibe from the biblical times and such and send us all out on hikes through them. cause they are absolutely stunning right now. anyway things are good. and im learning to get used to being here. please enjoy the Quotes of the the day below.

"There's pants under my butt" -Elder Moreno (we found a pair of pants under his mattress)
"Your tie vibrates when you talk!" -Elder Allen
"But he looks like he's actually doing something. You're looking at a banana." -Elder Allen

I guess i should mention something about my companions. I'm paired with Elder Shawn Allen who is super cool. he was converted about a year ago and is from california. His girlfriend is actually at the MTC right now and leaves for Mexico city in a week so thats really hard but kinda fun for him too. Elder Moreno is Paired with Elder Taylor who both have outspoken and fun characters. And elders Johnson and Thompson are paired. they're the more quiet and studious ones but are also a blast to have.

So it can be really hard to be basically secluded from people and i majorly miss people and being outside (besides the hour or so gym time, we are in class from 7:00am to 9:30pm). So I have felt like im going slightly insane being cooped up all day and such but i opened up the sp[anish book of mormon and just started reading in in it and hit up Alma 27:19 which says "Y el gozo de Alma, al encontrar a sus hermanos, fue verdaderamente grande, como tambien el gozo de Aaron, de Omner y de Himni;" basically Alma was traveling about doing his thing and hadnt seen or probably even been able to talk to his bros in a very long time and they all eventually met up and were thrilled beyond words and basically it just reminded me that life's good as always and although i wont see many of the people i love for a very long time, they'll still be there and be fantastic when i eventually see them again. 

also the MTC mailin address is 
Elder Daniel Gavin Smith
2009 N 900 E unit 101
Provo Utah 84602

attached are a couple pics of my district and other such things. 
heres a wonderful tree selfie with Elder Moreno and Johnson

Ya and we went to the mexican consulate to finish the visa process on saturday as seen above
below is the train station to get to Salt Lake with in order from right to left Elder Taylor, Moreno, Smith (me duh), and Johnson and in front Sister Jackson and Strong.

above is the whole district. Sister Strong and Jackson and Elder Moreno, Johnson, Thompson, Allen, Taylor, and Smith
enjoy the bad male models pic below.

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