Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1 December 2014

So most people when they hit december think something like ahhh snow, christmas, chestnuts roasting, stuff like that. Here snow isnt a thing. "nieve" which means snow, means ice cream. but hey its all good. I get quite the personal laugh at seeing everyone bundled up so to speak when its 60 degrees in the morning. basically its  always super hot. I saw a cloud yesterday so that was prety cool. I asked my companion how often it rains and he just laughed so thats promising... And dogs. there are dogs everywhere. THE FOOD. I dont know how to put it but basically everyday i rey something and am convinvçced its the best thing ive ever eaten and the nthe next day im proven wrong. its awesome. almost everything is quite spicy, even the candy oftentimes. since my companion barely speaks english every once in a while <i´ll teach him something or another. usually useful things like "take a chill pill", whats cookin home skillet, and dont be janking with my vibes. just imagine a very strong mexican accent saying that. trust me, its funny. oh and back to food, i am slowly learing how to tortilla, as in eat a mean using a tortilla as the fork spoon and knife. honestly its incredibly efficient and delicious. we locked ourselves out of the house the other day and used our mad skills with a credit card to break in. Elder Gonzalez picked up a lovely english phrase and uses it in spanish, "santa vaca" or holy cow. also a plane passed overhead so he points and asks "¿qué es eso? (whats that?)" so i respond "avión (airplane)" then he says "no, se llama tres meses. (no its called three months)" i dont know. i found it pretty funny, hes headed home in three months. basically we walkj a. lot. because we get lost a lot. we are still familiarizing ourselves with the area but as always i love it all. back to food again, aur entire celebration of thanks giving was... just about nothing but i dreamt about turkey so thats counts i guess. also everyone is pretty nice here. theres exeptions to everything of course but seriously. you walk down the road and everyone greets everyone with good day or something like that. music is blaring from everywhere. and lifes good. oh food again. let me describe to you what a truly delicious hot dog is. wipe all knowledge of "hot dog" from your mind and picture this. start with a good ole link of meat. pur it in a large delicious bun of bread that enveloves it to the point that the dog looks tiny. now start to fill the empy space with a certain salsa, guacamole, and some sauce i dont know what it was but quite frankly (get it.. frank.ly.....) i dont care cause it was delicious. then somther the lot with more pico de gallo type salsa, jalepeño, happiness, and any other topping you can imagine. then enjoy because youre life is awesome. also if any of you have every wondered what it would be like to e inside a video game, i now have done that.. everyday. theres this real nifty game called frogger im sure you all remember. but ya cross walks arent a thing so you just decide wlep, time to cross aaaaaannnd run. its great
a favorite scripture of mine come from the book of mormon, Jacob 6:12, "oh be wise, what can i say more." so dont be stupid guys. and have a fantiasic week. disfruta cada momento y recuerda que eres guapo/a y fantástico/a.

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