Monday, February 16, 2015

16 Febrero 2015


Normally I'm fine on the money they give us. It's tight at times but it's all good. Things just come up here and there. For example, the president instated a rule that you can't use ipods including mp3 players like the one I have so I bought a little speaker that reads a usb drive. Also my compaƱon leaves this week and wanted to eat burros (similar to burritos but bigger and so much better) so a little went there but I'm getting a lot better at budgeting and everything so it shouldn't be anything frequent anymore. Also we finally have a family committed to go to church next week. It's been really tough here but I think we finally have some people that we can truly work with. 
Love you tons and hope everyting is well! 
Elder Smith


I love what you write every week.  It seriously is perfect. II'm so stoked for everything that's happening around there in Ohio. 
Also super super sorry but I can't write much again. I have 4 minutes left right now because we went to cut my companion's hair and it took almost 2 hours and my companion is about to leave so he doesn't really care if we write or not' but soon I will write the biggest letter ever. Prepare yourselves. I love it here and I am learning incredible things everyday. Keep being awesome all of you and I'll write asap!
Elder Smith

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