Sunday, May 17, 2015

11 May 2015

So it's been an awesome week. Nothing too crazy to report but I'll see what I come up with that;s interesting. 

Okay so Friday was pretty rad. First cool thing. We were walking down the street headed South and suddenly i needed to use the bathroom. We had just passed the chapel so we decided to head back that way real quick. While walking we heard rapid footsteps behind us, thinking it was someone in a rush, we stepped to the side to let him pass, but instead of rushing by, he stopped and asked us if we were preachers, we said ya that'd be one way of putting it, basically we start talking and we all end up going to the church and we talked to him and taught him for a little bit. He has been searching for certain answers that are so easily found in the gospel of Christ. One thing that stood out to me is when he asked about his father. his dad had disappeared a few years ago and is presumed dead. He left on a flight to Columbia and never made contact. Gregorio (the guy we were talking to) wanted to know what happened to him should he be dead. He explained to us as well that his dad, although a good person in general, did not make an honest living considering he was a drug traffiker. we explained to him about what happens after we die and everything and he looked at us and said that no one had ever told him with such confidence and with no doubt what happened. It was a testimony to me because honestly I was afraid to explain to him that odds are his dad isn't in the best of places right now but that perhaps he was being taught by spiritual missionaries. It showed me that the truth is always the best way to go. He's just an awesome person and I could go on for a long time about him but I'll leave it there for now. Hopefully I,ll hear more about him over time. 

Later Friday night we had a Mother's day event at the church which was super fun. There was food and tons of people and entertainment was golden. We had people attempt kareoke, us missionaries sang a song, lots of stuff. Eli Jaime did a dramatic speech about the worst mom ever which was super cool. It was just awesome. The next fun thing that happened was Saturday night. we got the call and I got tranferred. so I was headed out. To celebrate we bought an ice cream cake and then deep fried oreos. To top the lot off, Sunday night we deep fried snickers and it was amazing. I fully recommend it to all. 

Sunday I had the chance to skype the lovely fam and it was super cool to see them all. I really enjoyed it. So my new area, it's cool as far as I can tell. I've been here less than 12 hours but it seems good. The house I'm in is a little bigger than the last and it's actually in pretty decent repair. The faucet is leaky but I'm hoping to see what I can do about that soon. (shout out to dad for teaching me what tools are and what not) The area itself feels tiny. its about 1/8 of the size of my last one so that'll be a change but I'm thinking it'll be nice. Nearby in my district is and elder named Elder Bigger who is the only person i have found here that is taller than me. It's kinda weirding me out but hey oh well. My new companion is named Elder Hernandez. He seems super chill from what I can tell and we will get along just fine. He's from Mexico, Mexico. I'd send pics but I don't have a way to upload any this week (will work on that and send lots next week) but ya it's a chill place and chill time. Honestly that's about all I've got for you all for the time being but i'll be sure to have lots more to say next week! 

Ii love you all tons and hope you have the best weeks ever and be sure to do something fun you weren't already planning to do. 
Lots of love and all them good vibes!
Elder Smith

So  forgot to mention last week but I thought about something in the special conference Wednesday. about the question you always ask us all after church or conference or what not. "What did you learn?" it really struck clear with me because one what you heard and what you learn are very different, I already knew that. But I didn't realize how important talking about what you learned was. Talking about studies, church, etc. helps you understand personally better and others as well. I've found that it's afterward when I talk about "what I learned" that I find another chunk of guidance or revelation. I thought that was cool.
Also at the end of his talk, ELder castañera quoted the entire "The Living Christ" and ended with some powerful promises. 

I loved being able to talk with you all yesterday, it gave me a lot of joy. and I forgot to share this with Mom yesterday. I don't know if you all remember but several years ago I was asked to give a talk on the topic of mothers. I may have even been Mother's day but I honestly don't remember very well. but anyway, Mom helped me find a scripture to use in John 19:25-27. and so in honor of Mothers day I've been using that scripture all the time recently with the members and what not. I really love how Christ once again set the perfect example in caring for his mother. He realized and we need to understand better the divine importance of mothers and how truly amazing they are. Mom, let's just say that I'm excited to be your son forever and thank you for all that you have done for me.

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