Thursday, May 28, 2015

28 May 2015

So interesting things abut this week. monday We had a family home evening with a bunch of people. La familia Ochoa hosted and we had around 15 people there, many of which were investigators. it was super fun. We used a pretty cool object lesson. We bought a pack of cookies and asked for a volunteer. Hermano Peña (preplanned) graciously volunteered. We then went and offered cookies to each person. The first took a couple and then we asked Hno Peña to do 10 pushups. Then we went to the next. She took one cookie and we had Hno Peña do ten more. The next person refused the cookies and then we asked Hno Peña to do ten more. and on and on in the circle until everyone had had the opportunity to receive cookies and Hno Peña had done 10 push ups for each person. We connected this activity to the atonement. Our forgiveness and trials are paid for just like the cookies whether we take advantage of that or not. I'll let you all draw the rest of the analogies yourself but I thought the activity was awesome and it definitely captured the attention of the kids that were there.

Later in the week we went to keep cleaning up the burnt house from the other week. We got all the rubble out and cleaned the floors. I came out black everywhere even despite the face mask I was wearing. I had black mucus for several days but it was definitely worth it. The lady is being taught by the Sister Missionaries and plans to be baptized in a couple weeks. 

Thats about all the interesting for the week. Here's an update on the people we are teaching.

Efrén- we taught him one last time this week but it turns out he is moving to the south end of the city so we set him up with the missionaries down there. Hopefully he keeps being golden.

Manuel- we talked to him about the blessings of keeping the commandments and he made plans to go to church and everything but didnt make it. We are trying really hard to help him with the things going on in his life as well, more to come.

Juan- He's awesome. I don't even remember how we started talking to him but we have been talking with him. He lives with his mom to help take care of her. She suffered an accident and can't talk or walk or even move very well. She can kinda write more or less but she understands everything perfectly. It's so cool to see her smiling and sometimes with a tear in her eye as we are teaching them or singing a hymn or what not. They planned on going to church and everything but the mom couldn't sleep well and had some problems in the night so they were unable to make it this week but we´ll see what we can do for them. 

Francisca- She is pretty awesome as well, she has a lot of desires to change and do the right things, she just needs a little extra push. 

That covers the bulk of the teaching we are up to right now but things are going great, talking to lots of people still and we'll see what comes

I don't have a lot of pics this week but here's two, kinda random but it's what I've got
Inline image 1
My chips toldme to say no to drugs. I am obeying

Inline image 2

Its a stop sign I now have. Still trying to figure out how in the world I'll get it to the states in 18 months.

Oh so I've almost almost finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I have two chapters left. I love the words of Moroni about charity. How charity is the pure love of Christ and without it, faith hope, humility, the whole lot, has no real worth. It's so true. Without truly loving the people around you, your actions will be in vain. If you have Charity, you will do the things correct because you know its what you are those around you need. and then I love what he says after he speaks strongly and directly. I speak boldly because I have authority from God; and I fear not what man can do, because perfect love casteth out all fear. Wise words. True words.
I love you all and hope you have the best week ever!
Elder Smith

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