Tuesday, August 4, 2015

3 August 2015

So it's been a great week. Like super fun. I'll just start off with the pics I've got.

We were walking by the stadium here and it was open for maintenence or something and we casually stopped by.

and then since La Hermana Martinez was headed home this week and had never in her year and a half here tried a burro percheron we helped her out by sending her off with these beauties. Yes it's wrapped in bacon. It was life changing. 

Friday was awesome because we got to go to the temple. It was the first time I've been able to go here in Mexico and it was amazing. I learned more and had a better experience than any other time I've been to the temple before. Having everything be in Spanish made me pay close attention and really helped me understand actually. It's just an amazing place. 10/10 would recommend going asap. Don't miss out.

Regrettably, Sunday Jesús Antonio was unable to make it to church but is still doing great and will come this next week. It was a little rough this week as far as the work goes but that doesn't mean it wasn't wonderful anyway. We were able to talk to tons and have lots of potential here. I just got a new companion, Elder Sanchez and will be with him for the next while. He is fantastic. He's from Ecuador and we´re going to be working hard alright.
Get set and get ready because this week that's coming is going to be amazing in so many ways. Why? Because why not? Like it was mentioned so many times this week for me (temple, sacrament meeting, teaching) we are not here to suffer, we are not here to have a hard time. We are here to be happy and that's just what we should be. This next week will be incredible and we have the chance to make it so just by the way we look at it. So when the trial comes or the bad day slips in, smile and think about how awesome life is.
i love you all and hope nothing but the best for you all. Keep being amazing and I'll hear form you soon!!!
Elder Smith

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