Sunday, August 2, 2015

27 July 2015

This week has been phenomenal duh ha ha. The truth is that nothing too exciting happened but nonetheless it was an awesome week. Wednesday we were walking near the church when it started to downpour. A lot. So naturally we head over to shelter and the since all the youth were there for mutual night we naturally decided to soak ourselves and play soccer in the flooded court. It was fantastic.

Then Thursday or Friday, I don't remember but everything fell through in the morning so we were tracting and we found this amazing guy, Jesús Antonio, we barely were able to talk maybe 20 minutes but he came to church Sunday and loved it and I'm just pumped to teach him this week. 
Honestly one of the best moments of the week was Sunday in sacrament meeting. I don't even know why but it was just amazing. The talks were great, and for some reason I just felt happier than usual. It was the right place to be. I loved one of the talks where they talked about how home should be your own little piece of heaven. And it's true. Your home should be somewhere where you feel comfortable with yourself and all those around you. It should be a place where you can learn. It should be heavenly basically. I'm forever grateful to my parents for making our home exactly as such. 
Even though my week was rather uneventful it was nonetheless fantastic. Sorry for the short quick letter but I don't have too much time today. 
I love you all and hope you keep being amazing. As always have the best week ever and do something unexpected. Love you all tons!
Elder Smith

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