Tuesday, November 17, 2015

16 November 2015 I am doing great!

Elder Smith sent a couple of replies to letters we sent, but didn't have time to send a real letter this week, so here is an edited version of the responses.  

Love to all who read and keep up with Elder Smith!

I'm doing absolutely great!!! I had the most amazing week! I wish I could tell you all about it but it's always hard to fit in everything haha. I apologize in advance because I doubt I will have time to write a full letter this week but the next will be fantastic! Los Gonzalez are doing great! Well sort of ... haha. Right now we are struggling with the law of chastity with them. They need to get married and I'm afraid that kinda put a bit of a trial in front of them but we will keep working with them. I just really keep praying for the ability to understand what it is the people we are teaching truly need. Honestly that's the hardest part. Spanish is second nature, the gospel is simple, the answers clear. I'ts finding the question that is so so hard. But that's what personal revelation is for am I right?
I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing great. I miss you all tons! And keep being the great mother and member you are! 
Go have the best week of your life and I'll talk to you soon!
Elder Smith

Christ is such a perfect example in everything. It's truly interesting how he acted is such a wide variety of ways but when I think about it all I always think of this. Christ has a perfect perception of every situation (hit up Jesus the Christ if you ever need proof of that.. good stuff). I believe He acted in such a way as to create the greatest impact of good possible. That's why sometimes he invited people to see and share other times he asked witnesses to "tell no man". He knows what is best for each moment and we just need to try to be as in tune with the Spirit as He is so that we can understand as such too.

Thanks for the reminder about the patriarchal blessing. It's been a little while since I've last read it. It truly is an amazing thing. 
Also if you find a way to bottle up that toasty stove and send it my way please do haha. Nogales has a similar climate to Ohio so its quite brisk right now and should drop to about 25 degrees overnight tonight. Due to which I did buy a sweater and a couple other fall winter items with the debit card. 

Thanks for everything always. Love you tons and talk to you soon!
Elder Smith

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