Thursday, November 5, 2015

2 November 2015 - Best Week Ever Am I Right?

Best week ever am I right?!

This past week everyting has just worked out for us. First off as the "native" in this branch we've had surprisingly little trouble finding things. That's been a huge blessing. Then plans have just worked out. We plan every day what we will be doing the next. We always pray for guidance and ask that the plans we make can be what the Lord needs. This week especially we saw planning just work. People were there when we stopped by, as we walked the planned paths people found us and we found people to teach and help. The members this past week helped us out tons too! We went on splits three times and each time found someone to teach that was in need in that moment. 
The Gonzalez family made it to church again and are doing great! Tonight we will be having a family home evening with them and will be making tortillas. 
Sorry for the shortness of the letter but I don't have much time today. 
Go out there and do amazing things and have the most wonderful week. Make a special effort to become someone better.  Make special use of the Atonement this week. these past months I've been reading Jesus the Christ and the more I understand of His life and works, the closer I feel to Him. My invitation is that each of you take a few minutes each day and study something about the life of Christ. 
I love you all and talk to you soon!
Elder Smith

I got the package! It's perfect. I've been enjoying cereal with boxed milk that says "this product contains 73% milk" I'ts great haha but I miss good American milk. Transfers are the 6th of December and I really hope I don't get moved because fitting that lot in the suitcase wrapped and all will be a struggle but we'll see what happens 

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