Wednesday, April 15, 2015

14 April 2015

So this week hmmm. First off it's been awesome, although there's not too much to report. Fun fact. My first weeks here I bought a little flower and planted it outside. Named him Orion but now he's grown huge. Before he had maybe one or two flowers at  time. I counted 16 the other day, and he's spread. Two baby Orions have sprouted up and are growing nicely. Just a fun fact.
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Also there are lots of lizards that crawl around here I wanted to adopt the li'l guy, but regrettably, we had to let him go. 
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Other fun stuff this week. Hmmm. So as I said last time we got robbed so were making what we have food wise stretch but regardless there's been plenty no matter what. For example we were eating lunch with a member and at the end we were talking and she mentioned that she had made some fantastic menudo the other day and asked if we wanted a liter to go. Obviously yes, how could we say no to cow stomach soup? So that was one of several similar things that happened it was super cool.

Teaching update:

Lucero- she was unable to get baptized this week because we were unable to finish teaching her everything but this Saturday it should come through. Fun fact, her nephew Guillermo was baptized this past Saturday so that was cool.

Alan- hes a new person we are teaching. He's the husband of a member. The whole family is active and all but he's not a member. He has a slight lack of interest at the moment but as we were teaching the other day he started to pay more and more attention and his wife really helps in the teaching too. We'll see what happens there.

Eileen- She is the niece of Ramon. She goes to church almost every Sunday and wants to be baptized but her Mom wont let her so that's a little frustrating, but we are trying hard to help her as much as possible.

Ramon-takes everything really well and is putting his life in order so that's really cool. He found a job finally and although its a 12 hour night shift, it'll be good for him I think.

Carlos- we started with the basics with him again and its starting to take hold. He's really struggling with the temporal/spiritual balance. He's very worried about life at times (understandably, for example he got paid a grand total of 180 pesos last week that's like 10 bucks) Sometimes I just want to sing Don't worry, Be happy!, but regrettably he doesn't speak English. Haha.

Pedro/Guadalupe- we found a family the other week and are teaching them. The mom and dad (Pedro and Guadalupe) are super chill. We've just started teaching but I think they have a lot of potential. Sadly, last time we taught we were accompanied by their father, not sad to be honest, but he was drunk and very very Catholic, and wanted to Bible bash a lot so it was tough to teach that day. We will see how it goes in the future.

That's about it for now, but this week should bring lots of great results!
I love you all tons and expect you all to have the best weeks ever!! Keep up the awesome and I'll write again next week!
Elder Smith

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