Tuesday, April 28, 2015

27 April 2015

So this week has been first off, rather chill. Literally. We didn't even break 90 degrees this week, high 80s nothing more and overnight it got down to 65 at times. It was rad, also its just been a good time. Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president which was nice. I always enjoy being able to talk to him even if it,s for only a couple minutes, but it was super nice knowing that my companion and I had been working hard and we had plenty to report. Oh also I still cant find my SD card so no pics but i'td be a true shame to send nothing at all for so long so I'm using pics from my companions camera. 
Inline image 1
Mcomp thinks that this is one of the ugliest ties to ever grace this planet but I'm a fan nonetheless.
Inline image 2
There is not a ton of plant life here so when we pass not only something living but also that is really green and has pretty flowers, it's a really good day.
Inline image 3
Also this cat is super super adorable even if he does look a bit bored
and fun fact about the candy cane tie in the pic, I've decided it's my lucky tie considering we found 6 new investigators the morning I first wore it when usually mornings are incredibly hard to find anyone at all.
Inline image 4
and heres my comp with the kittens brother
Inline image 5
i was made fun of for saying/doing so but food is art and let no one tell you otherwise.
Inline image 6
and finally, today we deep cleaned. including thawing out the fridge. from which I was able to create a very rare specimen here in Hermosillo, something called a snowball. yes I did throw it at my companion Elder McCabe
also about the cleaning and all. Guys. clean your house and all that good stuff. It's worth it. 
The place we are in went from being a place I didn't want to be in to being rather chill honestly. It makes a huge difference.

That all I've got for pics for the time being but I'm sure more will come with time. 
What else have i got for you all... oh so the other day we were walking a lot because money was tight and we didn't want to pay for the bus. so we had been walking all day and were super tired. Also considering that I had forgotten to eat that morning (I need to get into a good breakfast habit haha) we were pooped. so we sit down on a bench for a bit because the plans fell though and we wanted a short break. We had done all that we could do and then sat. and then out of nowhere someone came to us and started talking to us and wanted us to come visit them in the coming week. It was awesome because we couldn't walk anymore so the Lord sent the people to us. After a couple of minutes, we were like okay. a little more, a little further, then lunch. We were about to head out but I felt like we should stay just a moment longer. so we did and a minute later another person came up and talked to us, and wants us to stop by asap. It just goes to show that if you are doing everything you can do, the rest will be made up, you will be blessed in ways you would never expect. Then another cool thing. we were put in contact with a family a few weeks ago, La Familia Valenzuela, we taught them for a few weeks and they seemed to have a ton of interest but they never came to church and suddenly got super busy and hard to find because they had just opened a new restaurant type place. so we though we wouldn't be able to talk with them much anymore but then this Sunday, partway though sacrament meeting they walked though the chapel doors. It was incredible. like they just came out of nowhere. It made me so happy I can't even explain it. We talked afterwards and figured out a plan so that we would be able to teach them still and basically, I'm super excited for this week in that respect.

Speaking of people we are teaching
Fam. Valenzuela- enough said already I believe
Aylin- shes the one with 11 years of age that wants to get baptized but her mom wont let her. This week we plan on giving it the last haul, all we can do to try and help her with that desire.
Lupita/Angleita- we found them talking with another investigator. they live a few houses down the street from each other and when we first went to teach them they recieved us with lots of inerest. at the end we asked if they knew anyone that would like to hear what we share and they gave us two other firneds to visit one of which being Josefina
Josefina- she is awesome. she doesn't have an easy life but is doing her best to live it right. She has about five kids. She also listened to what we had to say and is very interested in learning more. One of her sons doesn't live there and also specifically asked us to stop by his house as well.

That's about it as far as the teaching goes but we do plan on many more this week, which should be a phenomenal week here and I do expect you all to have the same.
Love you all tons and remember to be awesome!
Elder Smith

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