Tuesday, April 28, 2015

20 April 2015

This letter was sent before the last one.  Sorry these two are out of order.  :)

So this week has been rather chill. not too much to report. Papaya is delicious I fully recommend its consumption. jicora as well 10/10 would recommend, its especially good with lime juice and salt or chile. An interesting experience this week. So around 2:00pm to 5:00pm its rough. Its the hottest part of the day and basically no one is outside and if the'yre home, they're asleep so its always a struggle to get any work done. One of the days we were walking about without any plans because plans a b and c fell though, just looking to find someone to talk to outside. We started to complain to each other, Elder McCabe and I. but then I caught myself, I hate being  sad or down person and complaining isn't something a happy person does. so jokingly at first I started talking about how great everything was. "I love it when its super hot because this way i'll get a little tanner and not look so gringo." "It's especially chill when everyone's asleep because its not so loud and everything's a little calmer." then my companion joined in a bit "It's my favorite too because when we find someone at this time of day they really have interest in learning more because why else would they be outside and awake?" and so on. slowly we started laughing and ya, it turned out that it wasn't so bad. We ended up finding a couple of people outside and talked with them but the idea is that perspective means so much. Things can be rough sometimes and look pretty ugly but if you look for the good and just love the moment anyway, life becomes pretty awesome. also a thing we emphasized in the meetings this morning is commitments. in the scriptures it talks about that we are to preach repentence and baptism. That is the question. The answer is commitments. repentance is change. putting the bad behind and the good directly in front. cutting out the old and broken and looking to the brighter future then making that future the present. Commitments are the key to this. when we invite and the people accept and do, they are changing. repenting. as they read, pray, go to church, and truly search the truth. they begin to become the people that they need to be, that God needs them to be. Never stop reading the scriptures. Never stop praying. Never stop going to church. Never stop inviting others to do the same. If you have stopped. fix it. Now. There's no time to waste. "Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance." Keep that in mind this week. 

the people we are teaching
Lucero- we hit a bit of a set back with her this past week but with a bit more time she will be ready to make the covenant of baptism. 
Ramón- he an awesome guy. He reads and prays and does everything he needs to to prepare himself to enter into the waters of baptism. He just hasn't been to church in two weeks. he works 7pm to 7am so he struggle to get to church for that. he really wants to and all and we will do everything possible to help him as well.
Carmen Ortega- she is the wife of an inactive member. We had a really powerful lesson with the whole family the other day and invited them to come back into the gospel. The big problem with them is the father, he doesn't have very much interest anymore but they plan on coming to church this week and trying to prepare themselves to be the family they want to be.
Alan- he is gaining interest. this past week he listened attentively and committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The aunt of his wife isn't a member either and she too promised to give it a try. 

All in all its been a good week. a little slow, not much going on but nonetheless its been a wonderful time here in the deserts of Mexico. I hope all it going well with all of you back in the states and that you had the best week ever. Keep being awesome and never forget that you're amazing and children of God. Think about that a second. God. the all powerful all knowing creator and architect of our very existence. and He´s someone real. not just real but He's our Heavenly father. He loves us and cares for us and we can have a relationship with him. We can communicate with God through prayer and he can communicate to us though personal revelation. Though scripture study, by giving heed to the whispering of the spirit. It's pretty rad. But ya, have the best week ever. Imagine the best week you could possible have and now go ahead and have it. I give you full permission. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Smith

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