Wednesday, September 23, 2015

23 September 2015

( This was the only picture he could get to upload.  It is obviously concerning.  :)

Such an amazing week! I felt so so blessed. The people here are so cool and I just love it. I'm in a largish branch right now of a bout 70 people and everyone is excited to work. At least 3 came up to us directly and told us when they were available to go visit people with us. In the week we spent a lot of time searching for people and not finding too many but there's always a higher plan than that of our own. Every time we searched and didn't find the person we were specifically looking for we ended up being able to talk to someone else amazing. I remember one moment thins week I really liked. We were looking for a house that was "Brown red and orange" we had that and the Street to go on. We walked the Street twice. Nothing. Then suddenly a little kid comes running up to us and asked "Hey are you guys lost or something" we were like "Ya a Little haha" and asked him if he knew the guy we were looking for. He was like "Ya! He's my dad. Right over here!". We get there and he's like "head on up he's right there and tell him I told you guys where to find him!". This guy turned out to be super super cool. We taught lesson 1 in 15 min. cause that's the time he had and he wants to read the BOM and go to church and everything. Then another evening we were searching for someone and nobody answered so we decided hey let's see what happens and we knocked on the neighboring apartment door. Once again someone amazing was waiting on the other side. It was just awesome moments like that filled the week.
On Thursday Elder Peiper of the Seventy visited us. It was such an awesome experience. Instead of just speaking form the pulpit he came down and interacted with us. He showed us a neat little "trick" of sorts. He had us ask whatever question we had. So we asked 15-20 questions. He wrote them down and then started teaching doctrine. He talked about the basics and the most key parts of the góspel. Funny how even though he didn't answer even one of the questions in specific but nonetheless everyone understood the answer to each one by the end of the conference. It was a great learning experience how the true doctrine resolves doubts and teaches the people. It's not the fancy answer full of deep concepts that "wow", but its the basic truths that help. This week I've also been reading a lot in Jesús the Christ and that's exactly how Christ taught. He taught the doctrine and allowed the Spirit to answer the people questions.

I hope you all keep being amazing. Do remember that the best way to be happy, the most efficient way to resolve problems, the best way to live, is to live every aspect of the gospel. Never give up. Never give in. Keep being awesome and keep yourself pointed steady and sure in the path that leads to Eternal Happiness. Love you all!
Elder Smith

From a different note written back to some questions I asked Gavin:

How is your new area?  Can you tell me everything about it, and what I should pray for you in this área?  How are the people in the area?  Does it seem the same or lots different than where you were before?- 

So my new área is incredible. I love it so much. It is such a beautiful city. I mean just like Hermosillo it's kinda dirty and polluted but I love it here anyway. There are hills everywhere like I said and all the houses are hillside so lots of stairs and steep steep inclines up to 45 degrees oftentimes. It's a serious leg workout. Come on down and try it out sometime :). The people are incredible. I love them. It is slight but the culture feels just a little different. I feel like the people in my new área are just a little more open. It's great.

How is your new companion?- My new companion is fantastic. He's from Tabasco and is a recent convert of 1.5 years but a pesar de eso he really knows a lot. He's a great worker and has an awesome attitude for the work. The only downside is that he doesn't like to listen to Christmas music all the time like I do because it makes him a titch homesick haha. oh well :)

Do you ever use the My Family book that I made for you?- I actually get to use the book quite often. Every time we have the chance to teach someone who begins to progress, we teach about family history usually with lesson 2. and I always carry that booklet with me to show them. Thanks again for making it.

Oh and I'm so so happy to here about the baptism you all had. That's so incredible. I almost got to see that happen in my first área but in the end she kinda just slipped away. I don't really know why. Hopefully soon that happens.

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