Sunday, September 13, 2015

7 Sept. 2015

So this week is what I'd like to call a preparatory week as in not much happened but all we did prepares this upcoming week to be amazing.
Nonetheless we still had an amazing week. We got to talk to lots of new people and we will see how things go with them but my favorite parts of last week happened toward the end of the week. Sunday was fantastic obviously but in ward council it was awesome. We have been putting a new reactivation plan into action and its been incredible. In council we made plans to visit more people and as missionaries we are heading out with a different member almost every evening this week or in other words a missionary´s dream. Last week we visited a couple people one of which we are working with Sunday  evening we went and visited a less active family. We talked for a bit with them but since they were super busy we set an appointment for later in the family we are focusing a lot on Juan Sr. he told us that he was available at 6am Monday so if we really wanted to teach something we could come then. So this morning we got up before the sun and went over still groggy but it was a fantastic lesson. He had previously asked us a golden question "So after baptism and all, whats next?"  we talked about enduring to the end with a strong focus on the temple. at the end of the lesson he said that he had previously heard about the temple but now he suddenly had a strong desire to go in. This was huge and I'm stoked to keep teaching him even if it means 6am every day. The Lord blesses us for our efforts. 6am on our p-day was not exactly something we wanted to do but we felt like it was the right move, and for a small sacrifice, we were blessed with huge results. 
Sorry for writing so little this week but much more to come next week!
I love you all and hope that you have the best week ever ever ever.
Keep up the awesome!
Elder Smith

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