Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1 December 2015 - A week ot be Thankful for

Just going to start off, I doubt it is possible but I do hope that your week was as phenomenal as mine. so much good happened. This week we ended up talking to tons of different people. Each with a different story and need. One of said people was a guy on the bus. We were headed to the church building for an activity and a guy hops on selling marshmallow suckers. As usual I buy one and then he sits down next to me and we start talking. He speaks English so that was an odd change for me but we get talking and it was one of the coolest experiences I've had on a bus. We don't talk very long but we talk about the gospel a bit. About the need for a Savior and he was in a moment of need. I hope the missionaries are able to keep teaching him since he doesn't live in my area. Then the other day we finally got Elder Arzate to stand up and contact the bus. As we were going around talking to the different people afterwards I started talking to a guy named Efrain. By the time his stop came up he had committed to read the Book of Mormon. I honestly don't remember every thing I said or that he said but I could tell the conversation was guided by Someone not he nor I.

On other subjects a baby scorpion stung me which was awesome. I've secretly wanted that to happen since arriving in the dessert of Sonora. My hand felt funny and tingly and hurt for a day and that was it. 

Don't get me started on Thursday! Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday full of gratitude and joy and food and happiness and food and everything wonderful. We helped the Mercado family cook rolls and pumpkin cake and wassail and a few other things. It was so so good, I mean look at the pics.

I'm just so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve. For my family and friends I have and basically for every moment this amazing life has to offer. Above all I'm grateful for an Eternal Father that loves me. That helps me every day. I'm grateful for His son Jesus the Christ. For all He did. I'm grateful for the Atonement. That through Him I can be clean, pure, and worthy to once again return to the presence of God. I'm grateful for the Holy Scriptures both ancient and modern. For All the prophets who have been guided by God to write the most amazing things. Words that teach us and guide us in our need and in every glorious moment of life.
Go out there and love every moment! Go be happy joyful people. Spread cheer and make every moment gold. Love everyone and serve in every way possible. I saw this video and quite enjoyed it. Give it a look! Thanksgiving is past here comes Christmas!

Love for ever and ever,
Elder Smith

Thanks so much dad. I love the temple too. It's such an incredible place. I've been once in Spanish and it was amazing I look forward to going again next time I get the chance (basically when I'm in Hermosillo again)
All I want is to help people get to the temple. It's what gets us working every day. Each word has that end in mind. Temple. It's such a beautiful concept and reality. The mount of the Lord is unlike any other.

Love you tons!
Elder Smith

I want to go to the temple so bad, I've been once since getting here, I'm sure it was amazing
send pics of the house and decorations etc!
Thanksgiving was amazing. So amazing. Everything turned out great and everyone loved everything, not as great as at home but the closest in a long time.
We are struggling with the Gonzalez again. I don't know what is happening. He kinda just disappeared, we should see him tonight so I'm praying for the best.
Here I'm doing great. I'm very set for the cold and I'm enjoying it a lot, I may buy another sweater if I stay another transfer but that's about it. I went earlier today to buy Lysi her christmas gifts. I think she will love them.
Thanks for everything you always do. Keep up the awesome! I'll try to sing Hark the Herald Angels sing but it'll be in Spanish haha. I found O Holy Night in Spanish too and I love it and if I stay here I'll be singing it in church for Christmas. wish you could come.

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