Tuesday, December 15, 2015

15 December 2015 - Christmas!

I  loved doing The Twelve Days of Christmas. It was always a ton of fun. It's not too Christmassy here. There's trees in some houses and lights in about every 20 but not a lot. The Christmas Spirit here is great and the food. Chistmas here beyond being about Christ of course is about the food. Tamales and menudo and pozole and turkey and ham and so much more haha. I'd love to visit here again someday in the near far future with you all and odds are it'd be best in the Christmas season haha. 
We are able to read those books as far as I understand. Just not in our time of personal study. But I'd love to read them like I did Jesus The Christ. 5 min a night for several months till its done. Feel free to send them over haha. ( Referring to Boyd K. Packer The Holy Temple, and Temple Worship by Wilcox)
It's been such a blessing to be back in Pueblitos. I love it here. We are working so well its amamzing. It's a dream come true here. We are focusing a lot on the youth. After reactivation a few we've been working with them and their friends and cousins etc. We had several really good member references this week and we didn't even have to ask for them. We've made a little group of sorts with the youth and they come up all the time like hey I talked to someone at work and the next time you all come over I'll bring her so she can listen too. It is super fun. Thursday I had an exchange with Elder Anderson because he's whitewashing my old area so I went to teach him a bit of the streets and what not. Perhaps my favorite experience of the week was Thursday. We were walking up a street we honestly weren't planning on walking and passed by a school. The kids were on recess. We are walking by and suddenly I hear SMITH!!! ESMEET!! We look over and we see a little girl calling out to us. We stop by and she says wait just a second while I get my sister, she comes back and I remember who they are. They were daughters of one of the first families I taught. La Familia Morioqui. We set up an appointment to stop by that evening. It was so cool to see them all again. Jorge and Carla and all 5 daughters. We talked a bit and we realized that while I was teaching them before they were not quite ready but now they are. Elder Anderson has told me a bit of how the teaching goes and I'm just really happy they're back again. God has a time for everyone and everything. We sometimes need patience but in the end if we do our part we can see the results. I'm seeing that here in Pueblitos. Families that had been inactive when I was here are active now. Investigators I taught are now members and there's just so much good that has happened here. I felt a little weird coming back here but I'm beginning to see now that it was something I needed. Trust in God. Trust in his plan and His love. Go out and have the best week ever, I sure will. Sorry for the rush... again but I don't have much time this week. Feel free to edit this letter a bit to make a weekly letter of sorts you can publish on the blog.
I love you all tons and never stop being amazing!
Elder Smith

PS - Now that I am back in Hermosillo with the new mission president I get to go to the temple every six weeks on transfers.  :)

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