Saturday, January 2, 2016

27 December 2015 Christmas

What a wonderfu week! Obviously being hundreds of miles from home isn't easy. Nonetheless this birthday and Christmas were some of the best of my life. Inline image 1
I had a lovely surprise party the 22nd with several youth of the ward, less active members and non members. 
Inline image 2
which includes the tradicional "mordida".

The whole week was full of amazing moments. We got to teach tons of people about the joy of Christmas and the importance of Christ. We have been teaching someone named Andrea recently. Her mom is less active and asked us to start teaching her and her daughter. They both have been amazing to talk with. The other day Andrea told us out of the blue that she wanted to be baptized. This definitely caught us by surprise but in a good way. When we first met them her mom told us that we would have a hard case. Andrea in the past had rejected missionaries and didn't want anything to do with religion or anything of the sort. She had even thrown rocks at the elders in the past. Paradigm shift if I've ever seen one. 
This week we also had a great meeting with the entire mission. It was super cool to see everyone serving here in Sonora. 
Christmas day itself. We got to visit lots of great people of course and as Christmas here insists it was also full of great food. We ate stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, ham, green pozoli, barbacoa, tamales, the best beans ever, and we just kept eating. I'm concerned about weight gain at this point haha. 
Inline image 3
stuffed shrimp
Inline image 4
romeritos (mole like sauce with potatoe and whole shrimp and some grass like thingy)

Honestly I just loved the Christmas Spirit. That of love and family and joy and healing. The fact the Christ was born makes the celebration. I hope you all had the best Christmas ever and remembered what it's all about. Now go have the best New Years ever! I love you all and wish to write more but my time is out. 
Love you all forever!
Elder Smith

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