Thursday, January 28, 2016

26 January 2016 - Being next to the Ocean ...

Being Next to the ocean and not being able to go to the beach has never been so satisfying!

I've just had the best two weeks ever.  Sorry for no real letter last week, time just wasn't flying in my favor.

It's funny because we are both Alto (tall)

So I got sent away from Pueblitos. I was honestly a tid bit upset considering it was the first place I knew in Mexico but it was a good change. 
Biking in Enpalme 

The Enpalme group
Monday I went off early to pick up my new companion. He had just hopped off the airplane. His name is Elder Gonzalez and is from the state of Mexico. He lives 5 min away from the MTC there. It'd be like going to the Provo MTC and living across the street from BYU. Here is a pic of us rocking life in Empalme.
The view as we bike into meetings

 We are white washing the area here. In other words we have no clue where anything is and no idea who anyone is. It's a blast. we get lost a lot and talk to so many people. We've picked the teaching on several people the other Elders told us to visit. Luis Ochoa is a 28 year old that showed up to church about a month ago on invitation of a friend. He loves it all. He's a blast to teach as well very participant and lively. I'm hoping that he can be the first person my companion gets to baptize. Marisela and Naydeli are grandmother and grand daughter. They have been coming to church for quite a while now and Marisela is trying to get through a bad situation to be able to get baptized but we are expecting good news soon. Yajaira is a recent convert of now two weeks. Her two daughters are waiting for the the fathers permission to be baptized and should be gucci to go in less than a month. They are the sweetest ever. I'll try to remember pics next week. 

It's been such an amazing week. the work is progressing rapidly and the Lord is preparing people to have their lives change for the eternities every day. Im going to love evey moment here and just to make it better, it's gorgeous here. 
Coconut - the under loved and under used fruit

I love you all and hope you have the best week of your life!!
Keep being amazing and change the life of everyone you meet. Stay happy, stay lovely and perfect and I'll talk to you all soon!
Elder Smith
PS. coconut in an underdemitiated fruit. It's quite frankly delicious with lime juice, tajin (a special chile powder thing for fruit), chamoy (no clue how to describe it), and hot sauce.

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