Tuesday, December 8, 2015

8 December 2015 - I got transferred!!!

I got transferred! I'm back in Hermosillo, the same ward where I started, Pueblitos. Just a different area there. I'm more Northern... yes that's possible. I'm here as District Leader now and I'm finising the training of a missionary named Elder Lara. Don't worry about the letters and what not. I talked with the Mercado and they said I can send stuff there all I want and the missionaries there will pick it up and send it off to Hermosillo, every month the zone leaders stop by. Also anything sent soon will get to me before Christmas because the entire mission is getting together the 21st. Sadly I will no longer be singing the musical number because I'm no longer in that area but I want to try to work something out for the ward here. 

I'm so happy to be back, it feels weird but it'll be good. I feel like I have unfinished business here. One of the coolest parts of being back is Gregorio and his family. I doubt you remember but when I left Pueblitos I wrote about a street contact we had with a guy named Gregorio. We taught a mix of lessons one and two on the spot in the chapel and then I left for Balderrama. I got a call about 3 months later from Gregorio saying thank you for what you said that day and that he had just been baptized. Now I'm here in the same ward and its so cool to talk to him and his family. I actually stopped by today.

I'm so happy everyone is doing great. I love hearing about it all!
Love you tons!
Elder Smith

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