Wednesday, February 17, 2016

15 February 2016

About the picture last week, going in the bed of the truck is very normal here it is the equivalent of a minivan except a pick up fits more people haha. We fit up to 12 people in sedans and I've seen five people on a motorcycle.

Valentines day is a thing here too. It's very similar. Flowers, cheesy gifts and lots of candy. Of course us missionaries basically have nothing to do with it, but it's cool. 

So you're all aware and so you don't freak with the pics I'll send, the front brake of the bike jammed while I was going rather fast and I went flying superman style and crash landed Hindenburg on the cement. I'm fine just some gnarley looking scrapes but I'm fine. Then today we went to see the sunrise off microwave hill in guaymas. I was going up and I slipped on the path and jacked up my elbow and my camera went flying and fell a little ways and long story short no longer works considering it's in several pieces. It's been an eventful week but  super fun.

Church was super cool yesterday too. I got to speak and then Luis asked how to fill out the tithing slip and what he would wear to his baptism. He's really excited.

You can get sick, crash your bike, fall down and hurt r
fom head to toe but what you can't do is stop the work. It's been one of the best weeks of my life. We had great lessons and tons of fun. Luis is stoked for his baptism this month. We've just about taught all the basics and his so ready. We were finally able to find Marisela and Naydeli again. Omar is doing great. the list goes on. Then at church I got to give a talk. I talked about missionary work of course, its importance. I stole a bit of an Uchtdorf talk where he talks about Nehemia. Nehemia was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and some of his enemies wanted him to leave the safety of the city under the pretense of resolving the conflict but Nehemia knew they wanted to harm him so he responded with a powerful response. "I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down" when I am faced with temptation or tiredness or whatever, I think of those words. I have engaged myself with a great work and I cannot leave it. 

To top off the week I got to see God's wonders watching sunrise on a hill over the bay. It was extraordinary.
Look for the best in every moment and make life special every day.Ii love you all and hope for you all to have the best week ever!
Elder Smith

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