Thursday, February 25, 2016

22 February 2016 - Happy Late Valentine's Day!

So this was a week of amazing. Things just worked. day after day. Like for example. we are biking down the street and I say to my companion, 
"Remember nacho? "
"Ya man, we haven't seen him in a while.
We should visit him soon."

We hop off the bikes a moment to schedule it in' and who walks by in that moment? Nacho.
Another day we go looking for the Pablos family. We stop by to visit them and the mom is there and says that everyone else is off working or in school or what not and that they wont be able to make it right now. In that moment guess who drives on up. The dad and one of the kids. 

Things like that just kept happening. Luis is all set to be baptized this Saturday. I wish you all could come. 

On other vibes. I've been slowly mastering the art of the flour tortilla. Shaping it is hard as can be but the flavor is just right. Perhaps i shall have to open a tortilleria upon return to home. 

The other  day we had a very interestiog conversation with someone. They had a question that surprisingly I hadn't received before. It's the classic, "What does life mean. How do we know we are living? What does it mean to live?" We start talking and I found it interesting that everything boiled down to a testimony. Knowing that God exists. Having faith in Christ. Knowing that God lives is knowing that you are alive. Knowing that He exists lets us know our purpose here in this life. Lets us see that we must look in an eternal perspective. We mess up and don't always "live" as we should but that okay. Having faith in Christ lets us know that we can live on even if life for a time seems, lifeless. Life is amamzing and beautiful. Make the most of each moment. lLive it.

Keep being the amazing people you are and remember to make every day the best ever!
I love you all more than you imagine!
Love Elder Smith

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