Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Mother's Day! May 8 2016

Hey so we definitely had the most wonderful of weeks. The highlight of course was calling home on mothers day. It was such a wonderful day. I have the most amazing mother ever. I owe so much to her. It's a good  thing she has never charged haha. Quite the opposite. She keeps teaching and helping me to become the person I should be. I love you mom. I really enjoyed being able to talk yesterday, it was great motivation and well, I'll miss your voices as always now :)

While speaking with family we also made a delicious dish I haven't eaten in about 2 years. Chicken pot pie. It turned out fantastic!

We've had a great time teaching people too. Alejandra is set for her baptism in two weeks now. Los Chicos Lopez are doing wonderful. We are finding new people basically everyday and discovering who is prepared and who isn't. On Saturday we had a lovely mothers day activity where we got to sing a nice arrangement of a primary song with the ukelele to accompany us. 

Life's gong great here basically. I hope it's all awesome for you all too! Go out and have the best week ever!
Elder Smith

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