Friday, June 3, 2016

3 June 2016

Hey! So let me just tell you what wonderful things have happened to me. So last week we got to baptize Alejandra. It was cool to teach and prepare her for that. I hope that as time goes by she and her sisters can help their parents take the same saving steps.

That was at 1 pm Saturday. At 8 pm that night, we got to go to another baptism that made me very happy. We have been teaching and visiting Angel Alonso for several months. He was baptized when younger but in his middle age his name was removed from church records. After a long and hard process, he came back. He has been attending church for a few years.  Just last week he was approved to make the covenant of Baptism. I don't think iI've ever seen someone so happy to be baptized. I think with a more full understanding that came from many years he knew what it meant better than most converts. 

So now I've now been sent to Caborca as Summer begins. It is a similar climate to Hermosillo so are already in the triple digits of heat. Nonetheless I'm loving it here so far. I've met but a few people, but they are wonderful. Many prospects. Next week I'll have more detail of this place. 

I love you all and apreciate everything you do. I hope you have the best week ever and learn something new! 
Elder Smith

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