Tuesday, June 21, 2016

13 June 2016

Let me just begin to tell of the best week ever. I had the most wonderful time teaching and finding. We were thrilled to have Estela and her kids come with us to church. They loved it! They are such a great family and I love teaching them. Elias couldn't make it this week but is doing great. same with Jackelyn. but all in all everyone is progressing and doing well. I want to tell you about how amazing God's timing is. On the mission everything just works sometimes. It's amazing. Without even realizing it sometimes you are guided in the paths you need. I remember we were walking to church for a meeting and we pass by a taco stand where we find Carlos and Alejandra. Elder Hyatt had been teaching them before but hadn't been able to find them for weeks because Carlos left to work in the states for a while. We set an appointment but upon going we didn't find them. Instead we find a different family to teach. Then Sunday we are walking down the street and a truck rolls by and who but Carlos would be yelling at us to come over right then and there. So we go and it was a very good moment to go. He was with his cousin Arturo. We get talking. (for knowledge sake they are both less active members) Arturo had fallen into a bit of a drinking habit. We are talking and they basically make a deal with each other if Arturo starts going to church again Carlos will and they will both bring they whole family with them. member and nonmember. I'm down with that haha. I'm excited to see how this progresses. 
I'm going to throw in some pics this week.
So I had exchanges with the zone leaders and finally bought the now necessary hat and glasses. Not my favorite style but ill be rocking it hardcore haha
This week my comp turned 19. and one of the fantastic youth here, José surprised us with a dairy queen oreo cake to celebrate

This morning we climbed a small hill enjoy

Behold. Caborca.

It,s been a great week. The next will be even better. and the following of legend. (Ty, my favorite brother, is going to come out for a week!!!)

Go make this the best week ever! i love you all so much and know that God loves you even more!

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