Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6 June 2016

Caborca is a paradise. I'm speaking very spiritually right now haha. It's so hot here but the work is amazing. We had a fantastic week. So i'll just kinda go into some great moments this week.

We went to visit someone named Delia the other night and well we didn't exactly find her but her son, Adrian, was there. He has gone through some really hard moments and to get to the point we came at a very opportune moment. We were able to testify of the Atonement and its power to change lives and make even the worst situations better. He's quickly become one of our best investigators. We are teaching this family, Estela and her kids. They just lost their grandmother. I came in the middle of the teaching process but we have been able to testify and teach about the plan of salvation and according to my companion, that doctrine took her from a politely disinterested person to a progressing investigator. Jackelyn is also great to teach. She could be described as one of those golden investigators. she accepts everything very open minded and acts upon what we teach. She has a baptism planned for the first week of July:) Elias is another one we are teaching he has been going to church for about two years and just needs to get married to get baptized. Luckily he has the papers in process and this transfer should be ready:). actaully most people we are teaching need to get married. Free union is very common here. Basically there are many amazing people here to teach. so I want to end with one last experience this week.

We started teaching a guy named Quinton. He's super nice but the lessons always become interesting. He is very well versed in the bible and the doctrine he knows. as we talk he politely pulls out bible verses apparently contradicting what we are teaching. It's a hard situation because often we feel a lack of words to explain what we know to be true. The only thing that gets us through is knowing that we have a direct answer from God Himself that what we teach is true. Maybe you don't know all the answers or have all the knowledge you want but you can have the most important answer of all. You can know that God lives and loves you and that He speaks through a living prophet. That this church is true and the doctrine 100% correct. as Pres. Uchtdorf said "This isn't man's best guess as to the meaning of ancient scripture. No. this is the truth of heaven reavealed by God himself!" I know that this church is true and that God loves us. He has made a perfect plan for us and we can be eternally happy by following it. Doubts may arise and fear come. Life will always be changing but one thing is sure. The gospel and good news of Jesus Christ is perfect and will lead us through this life with safety and joy. I love you all and hope for you to have the best week ever. Make a difference in someone's life for good!
Elder Smith

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