Thursday, September 22, 2016

12 Days left - 1 maybe 2 letters more - 22 Sept. 2016

( The title of the post came from his Mom.  She's not counting or anything though. :)​

I am doing so well:) We had the most wonderful week. My companion and I have been crushing it. We had amazing lessons and amazing moments everyday. I'm so happy here and people always ask me if I want to go home since I have so little left. I never know what to say. I want to see my family and home so bad but I never want to leave ya know? Maybe not but I really do love it here. I was so happy on Sunday we had an amazing district conference with President Robinson and the temple president present too. It was a successful week for missionary work to be honest. We were stoked when Abel was already inside sitting when we got there. He had woken up at 5:00 am to walk almost 2 hours to church he will be baptized the 8th of October. Then right as it was about to start the Arvizu family walks in. I was so happy. They are a less active family we have been teaching. They are changing so much. They have years of not going and it's amazing to see the difference just one assistance makes. We are preparing their 9 year old daughter to be baptized and their 13 year old son to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Then to top it all off. President "se lo rifó" ("killed it" best translation?) he gave an amazing talk about how God loves all his children and how we are the means by which he ensures all have the chance to hear the gospel. 

Check out the classic scripture in Malaquias about turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and vice versa. I love the phrasing Moroni uses as he quotes it to Joseph Smith. "and he will plant the promises in the hearts of the children" or something like that but it reminds us that we have promised to help others find eternal joy starting with our family both living and dead. 
Its all true. All of it. Every facet of the gospel is real and veridical. 
I love you all so much!! Have the best week ever and enjoy the pics of the Mexican Independence Day!
Elder Smith

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