Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5 September 2016

What a week can I just say. It was amazing. We had an awesome time running like crazy everywhere trying to teach as much as we could between all we got to do. 

This past week was full of the most extraordinary meetings and trainings. I wish you all could have been there. Wednesday we left early in the morning and traveled to Caborca where we all met up to have a great multi zone meeting with Elder Pino of the area presidency. I think one of the best parts among many many many was when we talked about the importance of studying the words of Christ. He compared it to sharpening the ax. Most have heard the story of the man who spends all day cutting at a tree and his neighbor asks why he hasn't sharpened his ax and the man responds that he has had no time because he's too busy cutting at the tree. Do we see the irony?? We all have that happen to us sometimes. With a dull ax we won't make much progress. But as we all take the time to sharpen our minds in the things that matter most we will become sharp instruments the Lord can use in all facets of life. 

Later that night the zone leaders were  invited to the session with all the branch and district leaders in both Caborca and Peñasco.  We spoke of many things. How to better coordinate member and missionary work. Things specific to those areas and things generally applicable to all. But in the end what I most enjoyed was this. That the success of a meeting is not about what plans were made or what we learned. It's in what is accomplished afterwards. We can have meetings every day but if nothings changes it is essentially useless. So here we are trying to make these meetings a success. 

We got back to Peñasco around 2pm Thursday and worked till night time. Then Friday about noon we were on another bus headed to Hermosillo. Saturday we spent all day in another great meeting haha. Here we planned how to make the mission as a whole leap forward and reach new heights. We came down to 4 points of focus
1. obedience. 
                We know that we have to make sacrifice and invest someting to see results. God asks our obedience and the investment to see chancge and miracles. We all help to make our lives 100% obedient
2. look for a new angle.
                 We can't do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. That's insane haha. So we all need to look for God guidance to make things different and change things for the better.
3. Work with the members
                  We can't do everything alone. We need to work with others. We need to work as a team and then, only then will things happen.
4. Our mentality
                  The way we think is so important. We have to have a positive attitude and truly believe we can do it. The way is there. Divine help is there we just have to do our part and truly have the faith that it can happen.

I love you all and hope for the best week ever for everyone!!! 
Elder Smith
 The youth in Caborca

 With President Robinson and below the group with Elder and Sister Pino

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