Wednesday, August 31, 2016

29 August 2016

So I'm just loving it here with my new companion. We are definitely working our hardest and seeing the results. I wish I was able to explain well all that happens here. Trying to explain in a brief letter the miraculous events of just one week in the service of the Lord is an impossible task. We were blessed this week to find several new people to teach who I could see had been prepared. This week I could truly begin to see how the gospel helps people reach their potential. It cuts away sorrow and loss and replaces it with hope. It makes the future bright. It makes bad people good and good people better. There is no lost case and not one person who can't have a more full life through following the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Starting with ourselves. We had an amazing week and I hope the next to surpass the last. I love you all and hope for the best as always! 
Elder Smith

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