Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8 August 2016

It feels like I just wrote yesterday, time flies like crazy here. Since Wednesday we've been rocking life. Emanuel decided to postpone his baptism one week since his oldest brother will then be in town so that will be fantastic! Now his mom is officially active again:) I'm super excited for this upcoming week. Tomorrow I travel to Sonoya for some exchanges it's an hour North of PeƱasco. As a zone we have decided to make this week a week of legends. We want to crush it. All the vibes are top notch right now. 

This week was full of great moments. I really love a thing we've started doing here. At 5 pm Sunday a bunch of members meet up at the church and we all head out to visit as many people as we can until 9pm. We went and visited a less active family Hermano Martinez felt impressed to visit and we arrived at a really good moment. We were able to give words of comfort and guidance in the exact moment they needed it. That is one of the best feelings in life. I'll never forget one of the most important lessons my mother always teaches. That receiving and acting upon personal revelation is of utmost importance in this life. We can never let a good idea slip away. Responding to the whispers of the Spirit is how miracles are brought to pass. 

I'd love to attach tons of pics but I've been infected once again by a mad virus on the sd card so I'm trying to figure that out but I've attached some my comp has taken.

I love you all and hope you can take advantage of every moment this week and do lots of great things! Keep the vibes strong and remember the Lord is always there.
Elder Smith

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