Tuesday, August 16, 2016

16 August 2016 - God Loves All His Children

We had the most wonderful of weeks. Emanuel was able to be baptized on Saturday and it may have been my favorite baptismal service yet. The Spirit was palpable. Everyone we hoped was able to make it:) my companion and i sang "I Like To Look For Rainbows" with guitar and it turned out super nice. Emanuel´s mom gave a great talk about faith. i loved how she talked about how the faith of her son was what was able to bring her back to the gospel, what helped her remember what she once knew. I'd add pics but I don't have my camera with me.. oops.. Next week I'll add it in. 

So I think the most memorable moment this week was Sunday evening while we were on splits with different members I went with Brother Morales to visit some less active families. The last visit we didn't find who we were looking for but we came across his son.  We had a long conversation about God. He is unable to believe in a God as we know him. Due to the evil and pain and unjust events in the world it becomes hard to believe in a Loving Heavenly Father and he's decided its better just to not believe and be a good person nonetheless. In life it's hard to see God's love at times. But I know without an inkling of doubt that God loves each and every one of his children. I feel that the plan of salvation, or plan of redemption, happiness, etc. should be known by one more name. The great plan of love. Understanding that God loves us so much he allows us to come to earth to gain bodies and experience is just a start. God sent Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and errors. Sadness, sickness, evil, everything! We just have to have faith and obey His laws and we have been promised that we can make it through everything and anything. The evil of today will be but a small moment. It doesn't stop there. God loves us so much that through Christ He has made it possible to live again even after death. We will all one day have perfect bodies without illness or pain. God doesn't stop there either. If we simply obey His command in this life He had promised us a place at His side for an eternity. When I think of it like that the sadness and evil of the world is insignificant no matter how big it seems. God loves all of His children and wants them all safely back with Him. He has prepared the way regardless of circumstance or person. He truly loves us. Let us not forget that. Ever.

I hope you all have the most amazing of weeks and take advantage of every moment to do good!
Love forever,
Elder Smith

Note from Elder Smith's Mom:  He received his travel plans and will be home on Oct. 4th!  11:30 pm is the scheduled landing time.  We are so excited!

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