Monday, January 19, 2015

12 Enero 2015

Okay. Mole. is amazing. period. its like a sauce with meat and chocolate and its spicy and just amazing. I tried that this week. and then a naranja real which looks like an orange more or less but tastes like a cross between a lemon and an orange. you put salt on it and its actually pretty delicious. I played a lot of soccer this week, mostly in the street, we walk by and well it just kinda happens but its super rad. My soccer game is, well, gringo and weak but its getting better.  We were talking with a little kid and he said "imagino que Dios es algo como el Hulk" i don't know but I found that mildly humorous and couldn't help laughing a bit. (I imagine God being something like the hulk). Also for anyone here that can understand a bit of Spanish I've got a joke for you.
El maestro: Juan! Como se dice nariz en ingles?
Juan: uh uh uh .. no sê..
El maestro: perfecto!
jajajajajaja (this is where you laugh because its funny)
oh and this one.
porqué se metió un tamarindo al cárcel?
Por su pulpa!
(laugh here)

i finally found a computer that lets me upload pics so here we go.
Inline image 1
we found a hulk
Inline image 2
and adorable kittens
Inline image 3

and a plant store where i bought aeria and orion
Inline image 4

aeria and orion
Inline image 5
árbol de naranjas de real

Do me a favor this week and have the best week you've every had ever in your entire life (ten good reasons you should do exactly that) 1. because life's good 2. you deserve it 3. might as well 4. seriously, life's awesome 5. you can climb a tree just about whenever you want 6. I love you 7. God loves you 8. I can't think of a single good reason to be more sad than happy 9. "men are that they might have joy" 2ne 2:25 10. cause I told you to.
do awesome things all of you and then tell me all about them, love you all till next week!

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