Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feliz tiempos y vidas y todo eso

Alrighty so crazy week more or less. 
Tuesday I bought some plants because well, I passed a plant shop and couldn't restrain myself. The computer i'm using right now wont upload pics so ill send those another time. But the tree is named Aeria and is a bugambilia and the flower is named Orion and I feel bad but don't remember what type it is but it stays closed until its touched by the morning sun then it spreads open and is the most gorgeous golden yellow flower. looks kinda like a daisy mixed with a sunflower with a hint of dandelion. 
A shout out to my parents for getting married on Dec. 19, a very happy anniversary and I hope i'm doing you proud!
So we were walking down the street and pass this house where outside is probably the most beautiful husky I've ever seen. So we tap a rock at the gate and ask. Is that your husky?.... yes.... Can we look at him? ... sure... Thanks. So ya we played with the husky for a while talked with them a bit then went on our merry way. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to one of the most amazing sisters anyone could ever ask for, Kieren. Keep being awesome and doing awesome things!
So on the 22nd, my b'day, we started it out like any other preparation day. We went to the meetinghouse and had our zone and district meetings then we celebrated a bit. First we did a gift exchange. I got Hermana Blackmore who wanted a necklace so i bought a box of fruit loops and strung them up. And got an actual necklace too. I'm funny guys i promise. I got a bamboo plant from Elder Cly which is probably one of the best things ever so that's awesome. I named him Rogelio. To celebrate my birthday and Christmas, I bought and filled a piñata. I filled it with the normal, peanuts, candy, fruit and then my companion threw in some other treasures like spaghetti, toilet paper, an old shirt... ya. But it was super fun. Then Mexican pizza (pizza topped with ham, jalepeños, chorizo, other goodness) and we left. About this point I noticed that I had broken out in a pretty much full body rash. I had been waking up with wicked headaches and such the past few days as well so we decide ehhh best that we go to the clinic eh? So we do that. Turns out I have Dengue. But don't worry its not too bad. But beyond that I thoroughly enjoyed everything, and hey whats foreign travel without a little illness am I right? 
So in Christmas season here is tamale season. So many tamales I love it, they're so so so good. Everywhere we go the people are like hey wanna try a tamale and I'm like no its okay, I am very full cause well I've been eating tamales all day, and the people say no no they're super good, so I say alright i'll try one and they bring out three and i'm gonna get fat guys. Another popular dish around this time is pozoli. It's a soup with basically a pig in it and its super good. Another is menudo which is another soup with a base ingredient of cow stomach, it's delicious. Also on the forever glorious topic of food, I ate cow intestine tacos the other day that were honestly some of the most delicious ones I've ever eaten before. I have yet to try the cheek, tongue, eyes, and brain but plan to eventually. 
Christmas day I skyped home which was super rad. And then that night my companion and I whipped out our hammocks and chilled there for a while. 
Yesterday I went back to the clinic and am officially healthy.
I'm looking forward to a super fun new year and I hope that all of you do something to make this year extraordinary. Were talking with a super cool guy that basically is making a full 180 with his life. He used to live a pretty rough life but now he's making goals and plans to become a better person. He's been filled with sadness and guilt for a long time and its absolutely amazing to see those things slowly start to leave, that I could have a small part in making his life awesome by bringing him closer to the things that matter most. Orion (the flower I bought) only opens and shows its beauty in the sunlight. Lets all do ourselves a favor and be like that, seek out the light and goodness around you so you can spread your petals so to speak and be the awesomest person ever. I love you all and wish you nothing but the best!

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