Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz año nuevo

A very happy new year to you all! I hope everything is awesome cause well, life should be exactly that. I got told I look like I have 28 years of age and asked how many kids do I have. That caught me a bit by surprise. I started off the New year with a funeral, most would say that's a pretty depressing start but it was actually really cool. At the funeral several people spoke, relatives in general, and what was really awesome is how happy they were. I mean they missed her and all but more than that they knew that that wasn't the end. They knew that eventually one day, they would see her again and be able to live eternally with her as family. The next day I went on exchanges with the area next to mine. So elder Cly and I worked together for a day, which was difficult to say the least considering I barely know how to get around the area but hey it was fun nonetheless. Also the full moon right now is stinking gorgeous. It rises up yellow over a hill and is just huge and I think I want to be an astronaut. Correction I definitely want to. But ya not to much happened this week to account but life's good here everything is awesome I climbed a tree today and the food game remains fierce so basically i'm living the dream. I hope all is well with you all and that you do something ridiculous and exciting and adventurous as soon as possible and well, live life to the fullest alright? Alright.

As far as stories go, I don't have too much but on the note of positivity and such, we are teaching a family with Carla y Jorge (parents) and they have four kids, the oldest 17 and the youngest 4ish whenever we head over there is just a lot of fun to be honest. They are very spritely and have a lot to say. We teach the lessons and all but also have a good relationship with them as we play and talk and all. Carla mentioned the other day that when we come and after we leave, she feels a joy and peace that she hadn't felt in years. And well I think we all know what that is but it originates often from the positive vibes we get to spread around.
 And seriously the living room looks amazing, my comp wants it jaja.

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