Wednesday, January 21, 2015

19 Enero 2015

Not too much happened this week but someone pretended to talk in tongues to us, who was also very drunk. I had a benderilla (corndog) from a Street vendor that was the best corndog I've every eaten in my life, everything is still awesome of course, and I found a family with the surname Smith. not something you find in mexico much.
Also this week I was asked to sing "be still my soul" for the other missionaries in this área. look up the song cause its awesome and although I didn't sing it that awesome and several people didn't understand the words, it was awesome. BYU vocal point does a great rendition of it. #sharegoodness in Mexico!
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im pretty sure the rule here is if its not spicy, its not food. this is oranges with chile

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an absolutely gorgeous sunset the other day

One thing I'm learning more and more while I'm here is that when you have the opportunity to do something good, do it. l know it seems really obvious but often times we miss opportunities to make someone's day, or lighten a load of another just because we don't look for these opportunities. I'm as much guilty of missing these as the next but the times I've been able to just put everything aside and look for how someone else could benefit more than myself, I've come accross some of the best moments of my life. so I have two things for y'all to do this week. one, make someones life extra awesome.  Two, do something ridiculous and send me a picture of it and I'll return the favor. Have an awesome week, in fact have the best week you've ever had in your life.

Two things. one can you send some talks by Elder Holland that are just extra awesome, especially the one where he talks a bout the Book of Mormon, and any others you so desire but he's just one of my favorite speakers.
Two you should make horchata for the fam because its delicious and pretty easy I think. I'm sure all recipes has a plethora of recipes for it.
oh and can you send a pic of the motorcycle?
Have an awesome week and i love you all tons!

Happy birthday! I hope it was the best ever and that you made hundreds of memories. i hope the dance was awesome, from what I hear and pics etc. it seems so. I hope you always remember to be the most awesomest person ever. For your birthday, cause I can't be there to do it for you, go to Taco Bell, climb a tree, and have Ty play you a special song on the recorder.
Fun fact, I got to share the 3john1:4 scripture the other day and it worked really nicely, its a treasure no doubt.
Love you tons and talk to you soon!
Elder Smith

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