Tuesday, March 31, 2015

30 March 2015

So it's been a real solid and awesome week (as always duh ahha)
Here are the updates on the people we are teaching

Lucero is progressing really well. She keeps coming to church with her husband and seems to enjoy it a lot. She reads and asks questions and everything, and I think we will be able to arrange it for her husband to baptize her if he keeps attending regularly. So that's awesome!

Carlos has been difficult recently. We want to take him to the temple gardens to teach him but need special permission. We'll see. Also he's having a hard time in life right now. He got robbed, is about to be fired, and things are going really hard for him. He's trying so hard to change and be a good person but bad things keep happening. Sometimes I don't know what to say to him. How to tell him that all that doesn't matter because the blessings of doing whats right outweigh any pain or trial you have to go through. That you just need to be patient and strong even if your feel destroyed and have nothing left. Cause life's just so cool .and it'd be such a shame to miss out on something just cause you let yourself get down. One thing that really helped is that we were able to take a member with us to talk with him. Never forget the importance of members in the missionary work. It helped a ton.

So we've been praying to find a family to teach and this week the coolest thing happened. We got a text from the ward mission leader saying hey head over to this address, there's some people that want to talk with you. It turns out this family just moved from Michoacan to Hermosillo and went to the church building to see what it was. Luckily there was some people there and they showed them around the place and then sent us their way. They are super interested and I'm super stoked to keep teaching them. They come from a small town where there was hardly any church period, and want to see what a church is like. So that's super cool. 

Ramón is the inlaw of a member here. We started talking to him a week ago and he is super interested as well. He wants to be baptized the 25th of this next month. He already believes this church to be the true church and is super interested. He made it to church and everything and liked it a lot.

Luis we can't teach right now for some personal reasons but he is coming to church and is trying to read the entire Book of Mormon and in five months the missionaries will be able to head over and teach him again

That's about it for the people we are teaching. I'm still having a blast here and enjoying every moment. We got robbed the other day so that was fun. But the guy only wanted our phone which is an old school Nokia that's basically worthless so he ended up just throwing it back at us ( it crashed to the ground and didn't break cause Nokia haha) saying this is useless and the as he rode away he apologized. It was kinda funny to be honest but other than that, nothing too crazy going on here. Tranfers came around and I'm still in the same place so that's fun.

Anyway have the best week of your lives and remember to do awesome things. I love you all tons and hope to hear from you soon!!!
Elder Smith

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