Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2 March 2015

This is in response to if he would want a Taco Bell sweatshirt sent out to him that finally came after he left.

( Picture of flowers he has been growing)

Inline image 2Go ahead and leave it with my stuff at home. I would only use it for two or three months of the year which I've
already passed this year so for the sake of not having too much stuff just keep it safe for me please. 

I loved hearing about everything and it sounds like they're all having an awesome time. Which of course is awesome and as always I wish I could join the fun! 

I've been learning this a lot recently, but mostly that you really grow more when you're outside of your comfort zone. For example I really don't like walking up to complete strangers and trying to start a conversation with them, especially when I'm learning the language, but I do it a lot, and it's awesome. Sometimes the people are very curt and abrupt with you others times they're some of the coolest people you've ever met.  Just do yourselves a favor and do something that makes you uncomfortable but that makes your learn something. It's cool. 

So if you remember a couple months ago we were teaching a guy named Carlos. He disappeared for a while but we re found him and are teaching him again and well he is an interesting case. He wants to believe but doesn't you could say. He goes to church, reads here and there and says prayers here and there, but he's kinda stuck. 
Any prayer you send that way is very appreciated. Same with Carla and Laurissa and Rocio (and the whole fam really Jorge, Adriana, Maria Jose, Veronica) those are the people we are primarily teaching right now and they are just super cool. Anyway have the most amazing of weeks and that's for everything!!!

Elder Smith

Picture of the Sunset

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