Wednesday, March 18, 2015

8 and 15 of March 2015

I am doing awesome. Rough week honestly. Carlos didn't go to church and is disappearing again. We had to drop the family we were teaching because they didn't progress and we aren't finding many people. 

I plan to put dads 100% advice to use this week so that should be good. Good to hear you have lots of investigators in the ward. Remember that the members are so so so so so so so very important. Be sure to do your part, but I already know you all do. 

A girl named Lucero came to church and she is married to a member but not member herself, so we will start teaching her this week, that should be good. Luis is another guy who is going to church and really likes it.  He says he knows it's true. He already pays ttihing and wants to be baptized, but we have to wait 5 more months because he is a past meth addict so he needs 6 months clean to baptize. 

Things are goood. I love to hear about everything, Enjoy nursery Mom, that calling you've been waiting so long to have. haha.
Keep being awesome and all.  I love you all tons. I'll talk to you all soon!!!
Elder Smith

Sounds like an absolutely crazy week and I love it. It's so cool that everyone is home. One day i will be too ha ha but I'm not trunky no fears. Guess what! Lucero came to church again and has a baptism date for the 11th of April. Odds are I'll be transferred by then but it's super exciting. She came with her husband who is an inactive member of 8+ years so that was awesome. 

Carlos came late because the bed grabbed him and didn't let him go, but he made it after all so that's awesome. His date is for the 28th this  month and I really hope it comes through. It'll be hard though because he has a new problem we just learned about that is a private thing but I have almost no clue what to do. Like its really hard. Which brings me to my next topic, could you send me basically a talk of your own making about personal revelation? We touched on that subject in the leadership meeting this morning (my comp is district leader and they invite the junior companions to join the meeting) and I thought of you because you're basically the expert on it. Like basically more than anyone else I know. Also if someone could take a good pic of Dad's galaxy map thing that shows how small earth is in the office I'd love it.
But ya things are going good here. I'm quite enjoying myself. 
More to come!
Love you all tons!!! 
Elder Smith

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