Tuesday, June 9, 2015

9 June 2015

So this week has been splendid as always. Quite the good time. I forgot my planner in the house (my number 1 resource for writing the weekly emails) but I'll try to remember everything I can.

So the first thing is that mangos fresh from the tree are so so so so os oso so so os osos oso sosos o oossosososos goood. Like life changing haha. A friend showed me a technique for eating them that I quite like. You roll the bad boy around in your hands and get it all juicy and such and then poke a hole and suck out all the goodness. It's a good time. 

So the other week we talked to this guy on his bike and set up an appointment but he called and cancelled but we set up a different time and this past week we stopped by. He was so cool. His name is Esgardo. We were talking to him and he was like ya I'm reading this book I found right now about the life of Christ. It's a treasure that I want to read over and over and over again. He showed us the book at the end of the lesson and guess what it was. Jesus the Christ. by James E. Talmage. It was such a surprise and a perfect opportunity to explain more about prophets and apostles and their role as special witnesses of Christ and it was just really cool.

Then we were with Juan and his disabled mom (Sara). Its been the coolest thing teaching them. The love that Juan has for his mom is something I honestly could only hope to strive for. We were able to help Juan accept a date for baptism this upcoming month and then we helped them both make it to church yesterday and they loved it. Then we are going to have a family home evening with them and some other members and investigators tonight and its just awesome.

So we were in the leadership meeting this morning and I honestly don't remember what we were talking about but it triggered a thought processes that I liked. I started thinking about the new converts and the excitement they have for having found the gospel and the joy in every moment and little thing. I got to thinking why shouldn't it be the same for us? Why shouldn't we get pumped and stoked about hearing about the amazing things the gospel has? About the plan God has through which we have the opportunity to live with him once more, with the people we love too!!! It's so freaking cool. Life here is amazing and awesome so just imagine how cool life will be afterwards as well! If we can feel that sort of excitement about everything, I have no doubt that life would get infinitely cooler than it already is. Just a thought I had.

Oh and the other week I talked about doing something to become more Christ like. So I was doing it this past week and I discovered something kinda obvious but at the same time I really liked it. Its just that when you are focusing on one attribute, all the others kinda just go hand in hand. For example. charity and love. if you love God you will be obedient and humble before Him. If you have Charity, you will be diligent in your work and seek the best for them. If you love everything good, you will seek knowledge. etc etc etc. I just thought that was super cool. So ya keep being better people everyday, it's so worth it.

Love you all and hope you have the best weeks ever! I'd send pics but I got a virus in my card so I'll have to have someone disinfect it first. Keep up the awesome and talk to you soon!!!!

Elder Smith

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