Tuesday, June 30, 2015

23 June 2015

As far as things we've done this week. Nothing to crazy but some cool stuff. Friday we had a special conference to say goodbye to President Hernandez and his wife. It was a super cool meeting that I really liked. My zone and I sang a special musical number, Plancentero No Es Trabajar (Its a hymn that doesn't exist in English but I like it a lot it's super cool) They put me in charge of organizing' directing and teaching the whole thing. Do you know how hard it is to teach people parts when they have never sung parts before in their life?While at the same time sight reading the music yourself half the time? Nonetheless it turned out really cool and I felt super official and kinda foolish standing in front of them all waving my arm around haha but it did turn out really nice. 

This week was super cool becuase we have some really cool people here. The area I'm in has a reputation for being full of old people (It's true to be honest) but its super cool nonetheless, 1. Because I like old people  2. There's still tons of work. We found a few people last week that really want to listen so we will see how the progress this upcoming week. Funny story. We were teaching Juan and he gave us some bad news. they were going to put his mom in a retirement home and he was going to have to move to Tijuana. We went by later that week to help him get everything ready and get his address in Tijuana to send the missionaries over there to him and what do you know his mom is chilling there in the house. It turns out she got kicked out of the retirement home in less than two days. Like for someone that can't even really move, that's gotta be some kind of record. But long story short, he's staying for the next while and everything's all good and he's awesome. 

Luis is also super cool. We have two more lessons before his baptism and he's just a cool kid. He's super smart, he remembers everything really well, and this past lesson his dad joined us in the lesson so that was super cool too. 

Things are really going awesome here and i know it's not me that is making it happen but I'm doing my best to be the means by which our Heavenly Father works here in Mexico.

Speaking of fathers, A VERY VERY HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL!!!! I know its a day late but I really mean it. I can't begin to describe how good and amazing my dad is. He has taught me so much and I know I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing without him. He taught me to work even when your tired beyond words, he taught me to finish through and do it right that there's no such thing and quitting early. I couldn't begin to number the number of projects hes roped me into from cars to kitchens to bathrooms to retaining walls you name it. He taught me how to serve and love others. He truly knows what it means to have charity. He has such a developed and true love for everyone. He shows me daily by example how I should treat those around me. My dad is one of the most spiritual people I've ever met. He has a fierce testimony of the truth and I strive to gain the same.
I could go on and on about everything amazing about my dad but I'd need a lot more time haha. I just love you dad. Keep doing the amazing things you do. Keep being the best father in the world. Keep striving to be the perfect Father.

To everyone, have the best week ever, keep doing the great things you do and remember that youre amazing in so many ways! 
Written with love,
Elder Smith

Picture 1 - These can give you a heart attack....
Picture 2 -Me picking Mangoes
Picture 3 - Trying to keep cool
Picture 4 - Our District
Picture 5 - Happy Father's Day
Picture 6 - Such a cute puppy

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