Saturday, July 4, 2015

1 July 2015

So I doubt you remember but last week I mentioned that it hadn't rained in over two months. Well guess what? Last Wednesday, 0Thursday, and Saturday it rained. Like it was amazing. Around 6pm the wind would pick up and start blowing and you could smell the rain coming in then it would downpour for 45 min or so and flood everything and then it was gone. But I loved it so much. 

I was really happy for rain. That's all ha ha.
Also on an unconnected note, I've ranted and raged about how amazing the hot dogs here are and now I have a gift to you all. The key to a good dogo is the bread. I got the recipe. Good luck, but give it a shot. If it turns out let me know. Don't forget to wrap the weiners in bacon and put all the good stuff on top. Whole cooked pinto beans, tomato, cooked onion, chorizo, cucumber, guacamole, cheese, nacho cheese, and more cheese, and to top it off a really good salsa verde.
Here's the recipe
1.5 kilos of bakers flour
200 grams of sugar
5 grams of salt
10 grams of dry yeast
950ml of water

let it rest for 1.5 hours
cook for 8 minutes at 225 degrees celcius. 

Good luck, I've never seen a recipe like this but if it turns out let me know!

So Luis is progressing so well. It's amazing. He came to church this last week even though he felt super sick. Side note. It was super cool because we were able to give him a blessing and by the end of the third hour he was feeling just fine. Like he came to church and could barely stand and was super red and by the end he was more or less his jolly self. Super cool. Then I was so proud of him. After the meetings we were talking with him and his parents, as they were leaving Luis said "I don't want to eat tacos today because were not supposed to buy things on Sunday" just the other day we taught about the Ten Commandments in specific keeping the Sabbath day holy. Before they always went and bought street tacos but it was awesome to see Luis put forward the example and say no. 

Juan is also awesome. he didnt come to church this week but he is still taking everything great and is making plans to make it this next week.

These are they who are progressing but weve also been talking to Aaron who is interesting at times. He's awesome but hard to teach sometimes. He has lots of doubts but its been so helpful to just listen and then teach with the spirit. We stopped by last week and he basically tried to tear down the Book of Mormon more or less and when we had left he promised to read it and to come to church (regrettably he didn't make it) but we were able to explain thing clearly and in such a way that he understood instead of feeling attacked like I was afraid it was going to come off it was cool. Then we were talking with Berta. She is super cool but super busy so its hard sometimes but she has true interest in learning about it all.

I'm having a really good time here just saying. Sometimes the days aren't easy but man, it doesn't even matter cause life is just awesome. keep being awesome all of you and let me know how you're doing!!
Love you all!
Elder Smith

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