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6 July 2015

Daniel Smith

Jul 6 (3 days ago)
to me
Let me just say, this has been one of the best weeks of my life. Everyday was a treasure. So I'll just jump right into the goodness. Monday night last week. So almost every Monday we have a family home evening with la Hermana Montaño and her husband and daughter. Her husband is not a member and has very little interest but sits in on the lessons and come to church every once in a while (now 4 weeks in a row). We stopped by and he had a friend over and we all just started talking and chatting and what not. The friend of Hermano Montaño and the Mermano himself started asking questions that would be seen as going on the attacking side of things. It was the coolest thing that happened. Instead of getting defensive, or impatient, etc. and before we even had a chance to respond. La Hermana started talking, better said, teaching. She testified simply and clearly of the simple truths of the gospel and bore with power and authority her testimony of the truth, backed up by her daughter, Zulé. I honestly don't remember what the topic was or what the original questions were but I won't soon forget the spirit we felt. The strength and power they had, even though they are some of the more gentle and shy seeming people I've known, I was truly shocked by how easily and clearly they spoke of the truth. El Hermano doesn't have any desire whatsoever to be baptized or anything like that but with influence and faith like that, a miracle won't be late in coming. 

Tuesday we went to visit a member family that lives in our area. We didn't know they lived there so we had never visited them before but we found out and headed over asap. We stopped by and taught a short lesson to the mom and her kids, that although short, we were able to feel the spirit strongly. Using that initial influence, we asked if they knew anyone that would be able to benefit from the message we offer. The mom said "Not right now I don't really know anyone..." and the suddenly her son Josué jumped in was was like "I do!" he said he had a couple friends that had been going to church activities with him for a while and that they really liked it. He invited us to go with him the next day to bring them to mutual and while over there he would present us to their mom and all. So we went. It was amazing. She right away told us that she would be very interested to hear us. We set up an appointment for that Saturday. We of course invited josue to join us and he happily accepted. We helped him prepare a portion of the lesson and it was awesome. Unfortunately the Saturday appointment ended up getting cancelled but we should be stopping by this week. You never know who's ready to listen. Josue honestly thought that their mom (consuelo) wasn't going to accept us but quite the opposite occurred. 
This past Wednesday we had the great chance to meet the new mission president and his wife. President Hernandez and his wife were wonderfu and amazing and I'm very grateful for everything they did for us. Now the keys have been handed over to Presidente Robbinson and his wife. They. Are. Phenomenal. From the first moment I could feel the love and spirit they emminated. On a micro and macro level. They made sure to greet every missionary personally and talk with them for a minute or two. His wife doesn't speak a lick of Spanish but she is awesome even if I haven't heard much from her. When president spoke to us at the meeting we had, he was amazing. Leaving that room I felt infinitely more motivated and prepared to work. He really knows what he's doing. I really liked what he explained briefly about our duty as participants in a meeting. 1. We need to prepare ourselves before hand. He explained that the leader should always give an assignment in preparation for the meeting. A talk or scripture study or what not. And that is was our job to study, pray, and well, prepare for the meeting. 2. Once there (and often times before and after) we need to "interact to edify" we need to participate so that we and others can be edified. We need to learn, and the way to do that is to participate. 3. At the end. there needs to be invitations to act. The leader should always leave an invitation but probably more important we ourselves need to listen carefully to the impressions we receive to be able to know what we ourselves need to do. 
The other thing I really liked that he talked about was conversion. He invited us to look for how we can more fully convert or reconvert ourselves to the gospel. That's a very important point and principle we should all apply. 
These points are awesome because they apply to every meeting we may have in life, even the boring ones, even the work ones. We can apply these things to make every interaction with someone else something special in the which we can learn something.

Other interesting things from the week include adorable puppies (someting every week should include)
And a pictoral guide of what it's like to study the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi in a different language other than your native one. Book of Mormon on one side with the Bible on the other to compare side by side with the English version above and a mild headache as well.

Juan is awesome. this past week he was able to come to church with his mom again and is was super cool to see them there. Juan is so ready and willing to apply everything we teach. From fasting to tithing to keeping the Sabbath day holy to scripture study. It's amazing. Do keep him in your thoughts/prayers though please. He's working really hard but struggling a bit with not smoking.

Luis is also fantastic. He's been learning really well and just about all set to be baptized the 18th. 
That's about it for this week. Love you all and do have the best week of your life!. Keep up the awesome and I'll talk with you all soon!
Elder Smith

Hey so a couple things right off really quick.
I was reminicsing the good ´ol times with Fourth of July and thought of eating carmel popcorn while watching fireworks and long story short, if you could send me the recipe for the soft carmel popcorn, I'd love it. (not the microwave version)

You all are awesome love you tons. a full email to come shortly

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