Tuesday, October 13, 2015

12 October 2015 - The Blessings of Obedience

So we had a truly amazing week. It was a bit slow but so much good happened. 
Both me and my companion got hit by a cold that had us essentially bed ridden for two days. We left for appointments but that was about it. Nonetheless things went amazing. I remember one of the days we left around 5 or 6 to go to an appointment. I felt horrible but we went out anyway. While we were walking my companion and I started talking about how we could improve "What lack I yet?" to a certain extent. In that moment we talked a bit about being more diligent. Later as we went to the appointment, no one was there. So we left a note and went to the next. Same. No one. We were walking away and ran into them in the street on their way home. Sadly they were unable to attend us at the moment but we set an appointment for the next day. At this point I was crazy exhausted. bad bad headache and serious nasal congestion. I wanted to head home basically. But my companion said hey lets check and see if Elena is home. So we went. Not home. Once again I'm ready to go home but I think I needed to learn a lesson that evening. My companion said Hey lets check one more place before heading home. It's on the way anyway. It was a reference we had received a few weeks ago. We had been trying to find them and had even made appointments and all but never had the chance to really talk to them. This evening we stopped by and a young mom came out. We asked if Carmen (the reference) was home. she was Carmen it turns out. She let us in and we got to talk for almost an hour. It was amazing. She had had some questions and had talked with a member friend that lives in Southern Mexico and even chatted online through mormon.org. She also had watched general conference at home by invitation of said member. It was awesome. We were able to clarify some of her questions (some of which I could really notice the Spirit's help in answering). Basically it was an awesome lesson. What's more, as we talked I felt no pain or discomfort due to being sick. We were truly blessed for diligence that night. 

As we made it home that evening we decided to keep in the improving spirit and we pulled out the good ol missionary manual. We went though page by page and set goals to ensure we were keeping in line with the mission standards. We had several things to change and I can already see the blessings. For one, these past days as the alarm goes off, while groggy, I haven't felt too tired. Normally I feel destroyed come 6:30 am but right now it's almost easy to get up. Sunday was awesome. Out of the blue a less active member and her nonmember husband and child came to church. We didn't even know they lived in our area (we are slowly trying to get to know the 300+ less actives in our area). They have a lot of interest in reactivating and want their child baptized and the husband as well. More to come in following weeks I hope :) and then we went out working and things just went great that evening. We searched for several people and didn't find them but after scaling what would be a moderate staircase here (some 15 flights probably) we decided we  better get something useful out of that effort so we stopped by a less actives house and their dog tried to eat us and no one was home but we stopped by the neighbors to see if they knew when we would be able to find them home. They received us in a very friendly manner. They're an older couple living with their daughter, son in law and grand child. We shared a short message with the grandparents and set a return appointment for today when everyone will be there. It should be awesome. The Lord really blesses those who are obedient. We had been seriously struggling to have any work or progress in our area but after recommitting to being obedient things just started going great. Keep trying to be perfect and even though we all mess up, our efforts go far from wasted. They take us to success. Never stop being amazing and have the best week ever! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Smith

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