Wednesday, October 21, 2015

18 October 2015 - Life's Just Great Ya Know?

So last week was so so amazing. 
The blessings just kept coming time and time again. The Lord is truly helping us find the people He has prepared for us. Our rededication to his standards is helping so so much. This past week we got to teach several amazing people. One of whom really stands out to me. The family Gonzalez had been inactive for a long long time but as I previously stated they showed up to church suddenly last week and this past week we got to stop by to talk with them. We had a street name but no house number but after a year here that is good enough haha. Soon we found ourselves outside their door. The moment they saw us they ushered us right in saying they were wondering when we'd stop by. We start talking to them all and they are so ready to receive the gospel. most to reactivate and one, the husband to learn all about it for the first time. He is golden. We left Saturday night leaving him an assignment to read several things and Sunday morning when we saw him in church he had already started and had everything all planned out to be ready for the next visit Wednesday. He loved church and is really just a blessing. and then the ward here  they're just great! We hardly have to ask people to visit with us. They come to us asking when the can go visit people with us. We're reaching a point where I hardly know what to do with all the work. its amazing.
Friday we had a 9-5 meeting wtih president and the zone. 8 hours of some of the most edifying teaching and learning I've had in a good while. One of the things that really stood out to me was President Robbinson and his comments of conversion. He spoke about several things but he referred to the Old Ship Zion (Elder Ballard last conference) and how there's really no where else to go. No other way will take us to the celestial kingdom. Too often people see a crack in the wood or a fading paint job and decide to abandon the ship and try swimming on their own but it never works. people will attack your faith and your beliefs but if we have a testimony of what matters most, we will be safe and secure. "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith"
Personally im looking forward to the best week of my life and I hope the same to you all! 
I love you tons and please enjoy the pics haha. 
Elder Smith

1. Giant centipede we found
2. The largest body of water I've seen in over a year. (Where all the rain waiter joined together after the rain last week)
3. Gorgeous sunset
4. Border hoppin'
5. Walmart selfie with the comp (fun fact, my current hair cut is called the willy. hence forth everyone has been calling me Willy Smith (Will Smith spoken with a Mexican accent))

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