Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 October 2015 - " If only I had time to write a novel about how amazing this week was."

So many amazing things happened this week. I'll just say them as they come to mind. 
Early in the week I had exchanges with the district leader. I ended up with Elder Rivero in his area. H'es amazing. He's got just over 3 months out and is straight up one of the best missionaries I've ever met. We had such a cool day. He's the type of guy that never gets down so the day was full of fun. Down to knocking doors exhausted and no one letting you in became enjoyable and positive. He's also the shortest Elder Iv'e met here. haha

The next day we got a call from Carlos Sinohui. He had been in the hospital in Hermosillo for the past two weeks and he finally got released. We were able to stop by the next day. He's a true inspiration. Almost nothing went as desired and he was still happy and joyful. He holds to the faith and fact that God is good and that what happens happens, you just need to keep a good attitude and learn something. They took out about 20 liters of water that had built up inside him. Needless to say he was looking much skinnier haha. He is still weak and can't do much or go outside in daylight but he's getter better and better and even though I don't know him super well I love him and can't wait to keep teaching him. I truly hope he gets better soon so he can follow his desire to be baptized.
This week is concilio so I'm hoping to get the backpack and what not this week sometime. 
Keep being awesome all of you! Love you forever.

I can't even begin to explain how amazing general conference was. It was truly inspirational. I started putting a star next to every talk I wanted downloaded and basically all of them have stars haha. It was the most amazing conference I've ever seen. They put it in English in a separate room for all the English speakers so that was really nice. Like sure I can listen in Spanish just fine but I love hearing their real voice.

Each talk, down to each song, seemed to answer a question or give me inspiration I had been seeking. Like last conference the opening address was a favorite of mine. President Uchtdorf spoke of making things simple. How sometimes we are searching for something complicated and intricate when what we need is something simple and vital. The gospel itself is incredibly simple. We all need to simplify our focus and go for the basics. I loved one of his last remarks as he stated that exaltation is our goal and discipleship is the path. As Richard J Maynes explained, we need to be centered on Christ as clay on a potters wheel if we desire change. Centering our life on Christ and always looking to improve is the way to begin on said path of discipleship. "What lack I yet?" LarryR Lawrence clearly explained the importance of asking such questions to ensure constant progression.
I dont think sweeter or more potent words said about Mothers and their important role could be said than those stated by Jeffery R Holland. I love you Mom. Forever. As you continually show divine love to me and all you meet you change lives. Keep being one of the greatest examples I have. Thanks for teaching me and making me who I am. 
I loved the words of D. Todd Christofferson as he explained the divine necessity of the restored church. One of the most difficult things I face here in teaching is explaining what he so clearly explained. The common mindset here is that every church is a door into the mansions of God, and that church really isn't even necessary. I loved how he explained how that mindset was erroneous. How that concept epitomizes that wide and easy path. How saying it doesn't matter takes away the vital and divine importance of covenants and ordinances brought to pass through the divine authority of the priesthood. 
i could go on and on and on
i loved this weekend so much.
Go and have the best week ever all of you and do amamzing things. Keep tight to the path of righteousness and never leave. Look to improve. Enjoy every moment. as Elde Bednar quoted, "Come what may and love it!"
Go love every moment and do more and more amazing things!
Love you all,
Elder Smith

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