Tuesday, March 22, 2016

13 March 2016

Agua Prieta is the promised land for missionaries. It's the best. We go talking with people or knocking doors or what not and it's literally a 50% acceptance rate. 10% is normal here. 50% is unreal. There is literally no way to not have work here. Wednesday we got to have one of the assistants to president join us for the day.They came by Agua Prieta to go on exchanges with zone leaders and us, it was super cool. Literally every appointment we had that day fell through but just as fast as they fell we found new people to teach. By the end of the day and between everything we had done Sunday through Tuesday we had the agenda super booked till basically tomorrow. It's been super cool working here. 

There are people here that are just super prepared. Everyone just receives us well.  The hard part is getting them to church. It's pretty far away. Two busses or car, but most people don't have a car so we're struggling with that. I didn't even make it to church on Sunday. Elder Allen woke up crazy sick and could barely move. I ended up staying with him since I too was somewhat sick. It was the weirdest feeling to not go. 0/10 would recommend haha. i definitely missed going.

One of my favorite moments this week was while we were walking down the street and I felt like talking to a lady getting out of her car. We introduce ourselves and make an appointment. I didnt think too much of it but the next day when we stopped by they opened up and said they had been waiting for us, that's a phrase we don't get much. We start talking and realized that they were members that had moved 2 years ago and since then hadn't had the missionaries visit. They don't have too long being members. It was just super cool to see how happy they were that we had found them. I'm excited to keep visiting them and helping them as they reactivate themselves in the gospel. 

Go out there and have the best week ever! Keep up the amazing and make every moment the best you've ever had.
I love you all!

Elder Smith

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