Tuesday, March 22, 2016

21 March 2016

Life is just so awesome here. We find new people every day that the Lord has been preparing for us and basically the work is going fantastic. 

Every day as we plan, we pray and ask for help to know who to visit. Then as we leave each day we pray for those people to be there as we seek them out that day and if they aren't there that He will guide us to those that need us in that moment. We have  to put in our part, but here more than anywhere else I've seen the blessing come pouring down. Yesterday we had an awesome moment. We went looking for someone we had contacted several days ago. We had the exact address of around that corner the house next to the one with the brown car. .... we go around the corner and there are 25 houses and about no brown cars. So we decide to just start knocking all of the doors. Almost no one was home door after door nothing. Then someone pulls into their driveway and we talk to them and they invite us in. It's a young couple Alondra and Martin and their grandpa. We begin talking and turns out Alondra had been listening missionaries in Caborca 5 years ago and almost got baptized but moved to Agua Prieta and lost contact. It was cool to see how the Lord led us house cross house with nothing to put someone in our path. It's been so cool. Moments such as that happen all the time here.
i don't remember if I mentioned it the other week but the Morioqui family is going to be baptized this Saturday. They are the first people I really taught in the mission. They are finally ready for that sacred covenant. Needless to say I just had to ask special permission from President Robinson to be there. Our Pres. is just amazing. That sort of permission almost never is given, but he said I could go. Upon hearing that, the fam. Morioqui, they asked me to be the one to baptize them. I'm so so happy and excited for this Saturday. It'll be a 7+ hour trip each way but it'll be so worth it. More to come next week.

Saturday we spent all day in an amazing meeting with Pres. Robinson. We talked about many subjects; simplifying teaching, missionary qualities, etc. but of everything I really liked talking about Sabbath day observance. We used 3 Nephi chapter 18 when Jesus instituted the sacrament among the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. Verse 7 talks of how the sacrament is a testimony we give that we remember Him. If we partake of the sacrament we show Christ of our love for him but if we decide to not go and participate in said ordinance, what kind of testimony are we giving? Food for thought haha. Then in verse 12 it explains how it's a commandment to participate. What is not complying with commandment called? Sin. Bleak and harsh. We need to respect the Sabbath Day to ensure our purity before God. #DoctrineAndCovenants59:9-10

All  in all life's just great. I hope its been treating you as well as it has me. I love you all and hope you all have the best weeks of your life. Remember Him. Christ. Remember in this Easter season. That He lives! That we believe in a living God of miracles and life. Learn of Him this week. Read of Him. Pray. More than anything love the life He has given us.
Love forever,
Elder Smith

The Amercan Mexican border
A group from Utah that stopped by here and scared us as they stopped several cars and all hopped out and we were overwhelmed by gringo. I discovered that day that my English is horrendous.
Other this and thats

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