Tuesday, March 29, 2016

28 March 2016 - Trust in the Lord's Timing

So I definitely had the most amazing week of my life. I hope you all did too. Work was hard due to vacation for Semana Santa. Nonetheless we worked hard and had a good wee. But the highlight was by far the weekend. Let's start with Friday. 

I wake up with the worst migrain and bodily pain and exhaustion I've had since dengue. I'm destroyed. We get a ride so i can get to Tufesa to board the bus to Hermosillo. I pass the most painful 6.5 hours ever and we finally get to Hermosillo around 10 at night. We get to the assistants house and there I finally humble myself enough to accept a preisthood blessing. I go bed but don't sleep due to the pain till 1 or so and that only in brief spurts of 20-30 min. Now I had said this was one of the best weeks of my life right? So what has this have to do with joy and happiness and a week of legend? 

It starts at 4:00 am when I wake up and can't sleep anymore. Within moments I realize that I felt no pain or sickness. I didn't even feel tired. I remember Elder Greany saying in the blessing that I would have the strength and capacity to realize all the works needed in the coming day. That promise was fulfilled in such an amazing way. at 5:30 I took a quick shower and got ready to get to the temple for the early morning session. I was able to stay attentive the whole two hours and had a great experience. I understood more than ever before. Leaving Pitic we went off to Pueblitos to get the church ready for the baptism at 1. Everything happened in the nick of time. We finally found all the baptismal clothing just before one. And then the family arrived. We got everyone ready and it was such a beautiful day. 

I should explain a bit. This is the family Morioqui. 18 months ago while in my first weeks here, Elder Gonzalez and I began teaching them. At that time they were very receptive and we thought that for sure they were ready but it wasn't their time. When I went back to Hermosillo I presented Elder Anderson and Elder Rodriguez to them. This time they were ready. The Lord knew that before wasn't their time. Many things happened in those months that helped them prepare for that impoortant and sacred covenant of baptism. It was amazing to see the joint effort of a dozen or so missionaries and most importantly the Lord as they were prepared. Afterwards we had delicious ceviche and a mild cake fight then I was back to Agua Prieta. Another long bus ride and I got back. We woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful day. Easter Sunday is just so special. It's the day that we most remember Him. What Christ did for us. That he suffered, died and lived again. He lives and as such continues to guide His church through his prophets. He can help us day by day as we seek his help. As we walk in his footsteps we find life become simple and happy. I love being here and love knowing what I know. I love you all tons and hope for you to have a week even more amazing than the last. 

Enjoy general conference this coming week, I know I will! 
Elder smith

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