Sunday, March 13, 2016

7 March 2016

This has just been one of the best weeks ever. From the start my new companion, Elder Garcia, has been awesome. He's a convert of now 2 years and has a love for the work I truly admire. I can tell by the way he does everything. Makes me want to ensure that I'm doing the same. 
The concept is obvious. Actions speak louder than words. Example is of the most powerful ways to teach. What we do is so important, and how we do it. We have to do right and out of love not obligation. It's hard but its something I hope to learn well while in Agua Prieta. 
The people here are amazing. We've been searching for the people the previous missionaries left behind for us to find. Elias and Moises are brothers, twins if I remember correctly. They both got baptized while in their teenage years then went inactive for many years. Elias was telling us that he suddenly felt like he needed to read the scriptures again. Soon thereafter the missionaries found him after many years of nothing he's started going to church again. Yesterday he brought his newborn baby to be blessed. I'm excited to keep working with him and all of his family. 
We were knocking on doors the other day and as always it was the last door of the last street. I wonder why we don't start with that door, it'd make things easier I bet haha. We knock and a kid answers and tell us that his dad is asleep but we can come back Sunday. How many times do we hear that. Nonetheless as always we go back. We find his dad this time and he invites us in. We start teaching and what began as polite disinterest became definite curiosity. We start talking of some doubts he has as we come towards the end his wife comes and joins us. She asks us a few things and tells us of some things going on of which I know we will be able to help. i'm excited to keep that up. The world is full of people that need God's help, we just have to be diligent. 
I'm loving life and keeping it real all day everyday. I sure hope you do the same! Go have the best week ever!
Elder Smith

the pics are from empalme

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