Wednesday, July 20, 2016

20 July 2016

Week one in Puerto Peñasco has been amazing. It feels very different from the rest of the places I've been. It's 100% more humid here. I sweat always but feel like I can breath again. There is lots of tourism here so a few times a day we end up talking to people in English not Spanish. And church feels a lot like home in some ways. It's super full here in the summer months because 100+ people are visiting from the states. The work has been great. We are basically starting from scratch because we have as of yet been unable to find any addresses the previous zone leaders had left us. But we are finding so many people. People here are really open. It's rare that someone straight up says "No I don't want to hear what you have to say". So good vibes all around. Hopefully for next week we can have some solid people in teaching.

One experience I enjoyed this week was when we knocked on a door and they were headed out but told us we could come back the next day. As we walked off we heard the guy's wife ask him why the heck he said we could come back. Nonetheless we stopped by the next day and his wife answered the door and invited us in and told us they had been waiting for us (we got there a titch late). She explained that she didn't originally want to talk to us because she had heard bad things about the church from friends of hers. We had a great lesson that cleared up doubts and confusion and we will continue teaching. She is actually in the search for the true church of Jesus Christ, I'm excited to keep teaching. A funny moment; She had been told by said friends that "Mormons" were a lot of rowdy drunks that partied all the time. That was unexpected to say the least. That's honestly the last thing most people think haha. We explained how it was that we didn't even drink alcohol. All in all, I continue to be amazed how the Lord leads and guides us. How He prepares people. I love it here and hope for a great few months here!

Go have the best of weeks and keep it real!
Elder Smith

so there's a less active member here that has a restaurant on the ocean and we can eat free there, it's great to say the least. I ordered a fish dish thinking it was a normal sized thing when to my surprise I'm given a tray loaded with goodness. I haven't eaten so much in ages.

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